hfghgd.jpgSometimes we can get so wrapped up in something that we forget why it’s so important to us. Church is no different. No matter how involved in the life of church you are, you can easily slip into a mode where you simply go through the motions. If you’re a casual “pew-sitter,” you can quickly see church as a place that you go every week or few weeks and not notice the inner-workings of how the church functions. If you are a lay leader in the church, you can quickly fall into a pattern of giving your time, energy, and money and forget the reason in doing so.

A few years ago, after Hurricane Katrina, I took a youth group down to do relief work. To see entire communities obliterated made me step back and think about the importance of my own church community. These folks had no church buildings, no towns, and some even had no homes, yet they still valued their community. They valued the importance of what their church and faith meant to them. Unfortunately, a natural disaster had to take away some of those things in order for them to realize how important they were gone. As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you got, ‘til it’s gone.”

In the coming weeks, I would like to hear from you about what St. Nicholas means to you. What are the core values that draw you? How has your faith and life changed since you became a part of St. Nicholas? What are the stories that you could share to express what our church means to you? How have you experienced Christ’s love in this place? Who are the people who encouraged you?

Take a few moments today to think about St. Nicholas and how important it is to you. Feel free to write something that can be shared in the newsletter or on the website. I think taking account of this will inspire you, and sharing your thoughts will inspire others as well.