Last Sunday, St. Nicholas once again celebrated the day of Pentecost with style! Members of the congregation wore red to symbolize the flames of the Holy Spirit that came upon the apostles. Our acolytes Abby Crowley and Rylie Brumley came in swinging the red and orange kites while Fr. Jeff swung the Holy Spirit dove kite as a way to show the Spirit’s presence in our midst. After hearing Acts 2:1-21, we had a bit of reenactment of the Pentecost story, as Sheila Dixon, Amy Nerone, and Norma Wolff all read the Gospel lesson (John 20:19-23) in German, French, and Spanish respectfully. After the service everyone grabbed a red balloon (were there 99?) and launched them into the air as a symbol of our call to continue the work of Christ in the world.

Many thanks to everyone who made the day possible, especially Linda Sawyer, our Worship liaison on the Vestry, who made all the preparations. Here are some shots of the day by Lynn Hall and Drucye Robinson.

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