honey-creek-t-shirt-2011Last week I was asked by one of my dear friends and mentors, the Rev. Sonia Sullivan Clifton (who was the priest who married Molly and me) to come up with an image for Honey Creek’s Camp T-Shirt this year. Sonia is the new camp director, although she has been involved in Honey Creek for many years. This is a year of transition for my summer camp alma mater, as new leadership is reshaping the vision for that program.

Honey Creek is also in some transition as well, trying desperately to stay open after years of deferred maintenance, dwindling usage, and a few bad decisions along the way. Despite these things, Honey Creek remains a special and holy place, and to lose such an asset to the Diocese of Georgia would be painful for them and for me personally. They are currently holding a bond sale in order to raise some funds. Here is a cute video done by the youth of the diocese that illustrates the need.

If anyone happens to know someone who wants to invest in this wonderful place, be sure to contact the Diocese of Georgia.

bell-tower-and-kidsBut back to the shirt, I sketched this out from Sonia’s request of having an armadillo ringing the camp bell with children all around. There are armadillos everywhere at Honey Creek, and it’s become the mascot of the summer camp program. The bell is an icon for Honey Creek, as past camp directors would ring that bell every day as a call to gather.

I can’t wait to see the final shirt design and to see if they can use this. Honey Creek, and summer camps in general, was so vital to my formation as a Christian and any way I can give back, I do. If you are ever in the Brunswick/St. Simons/Jekyll Island area, head down one more exit to Dover Bluff Road, turn left, drive 5 miles and Honey Creek will be waiting for you. If you know a child who wants to go to summer camp at our own diocesan camp, Camp Mikell, please let me know!