may-june-2011-094Did you know I got to perform the “wedding of the century?” No, I was nowhere near William and Kate’s nuptials. This was a different kind of celebrity wedding between two incredibly important people (at least in my household):

Ken & Rapunzel

You know Ken, former paramour of Barbie, who I think at one time was married to the doll diva. I guess I should have checked that out in pre-marital counseling. The bride was none other than Disney’s Rapunzel from the hit movie Tangled. Who would have thought that these two were even in a relationship?

may-june-2011-099You may be wondering how I got such a distinguished honor to join these two…”people”…in holy matrimony. I was contacted at the last minute by the wedding coordinator, Miss Bronwyn Kate Jackson.

The wedding was indeed elegant. All of bride and groom’s friends were there–Belle from Beauty & the Beast, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, even Ken’s old flame Barbie made an appearance and seemed genuinely happy for the new couple. Also in attendance were Bronwyn’s very exclusive guest list, including our next door neighbors and their 3 daughters, Sam Dixon, and Terri Townsend, her niece, and her kids. The food was catered by Mrs. Molly Jackson and the pictures (featured exclusively in this post) were done by budding photographer Mr. Tai Jackson. The maid of honor was Bronwyn herself and the “best man” was Aiva Massey who both spoke audibly for the couple during the ceremony (they are, after all, dolls). There was a lovely reception afterwards, although  I didn’t get to stay for long.

may-june-2011-128All kidding aside, you may wonder why I would make light of such a serious and meaningful rite as Holy Matrimony. Well, first of all, it’s not often that a child will ask for the services of a priest, especially with something like this. I find that children will do doll weddings on their own all the time. The fact that Bronwyn thought to ask me because “she needed a priest to do the wedding,” means that she sees the importance of bringing two people together and having God bless their union. To her, it only makes sense to have her father do the rite.

I could have said, “No, we don’t do that” or “That’s silly.” But to do so would have communicated that these things aren’t important. Sure, in the grand scheme of things, a doll wedding isn’t that important, but to Bronwyn it was, and I want to be sure that the Church is there for her even in times like these. My seminary professors might have scoffed, but any chance we can expose children to the wonder and beauty of the sacraments is an opportunity to engage their faith and let them know that these things do matter. In our times today when we wonder if the sacrament of marriage has any effect on couples, I say they do, and that’s reflected in Bronwyn’s insistence that I perform the ceremony. I believe it matters so much that I’m willing to teach it to my children even through a doll wedding.


So congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth & Rapunzel…um….Doll! May you be blessed in your marriage and may you be a sign of God’s love and union to the Church.