Life is full of really cool things. Here are just a couple…

Last week, I finally got an opportunity to take Tom Cheatham up on his gracious offer to let me paddle around the lake at Callaway Gardens in his kayak. I had a blast just being out on the quiet water, saying prayers, singing some hymns, and loving life! Thanks, Tom, for letting me share that special place for some rejuvenating God-time! You can call me the “Kayaking Priest” or the “Paddlin’ Priest!”

Paddlin Priest

The other cool thing I came across was a video I saw posted on Facebook by a parishioner from my last church. We all know people who don’t go to church for one reason or another. I never knew there was a National Back to Church Sunday, but I thought this fit St. Nicholas pretty well. Share with someone who feels like they don’t have a place to belong. Those of us at St. Nicholas certainly have felt that way at one time or another, and found a home here. This is an easy way to do that “evangelism” thing, so post it on your Facebook, send it around the office at work, or e-mail it to a friend.