colorado-mission-confAbby Brown (pictured along with Olivia Cohen and two of their Beallwood students), is a member of St. Nicholas and senior at Harris County High School, along with two other teens members of Infusion, will be presenting at the “Everyone Everywhere 2011” National Episcopal Conference October 13-16th in Estes Park, Colorado. The conference is designed for individuals, dioceses, congregations, and groups active in the global and domestic mission of the Episcopal Church. Presenting under the focus of “Justice Concerns” Abby will explain the conceptual basis for Infusion and its relevance as a model for engaging youth in social justice concerns. The three teens will be accompanied by Vicky Partin, the lay missioner for CVEM.

Infusion is a teen service organization for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors in the Chattahoochee Valley area and was developed by CVEM as a vehicle to cultivate servant leaders for the community and beyond. Fifteen teens from diverse racial, religious and cultural backgrounds come together for this leadership program and work together to bring about positive change in the community. Involved in Infusion since she was a sophomore in high school, Abby’s focus within Infusion has been their literacy project. Tutoring on a bimonthly basis in the Beallwood community has been the mission theme for the group for the past three years. Bringing together a group of teen leaders with such different backgrounds has made the mission project so much more successful than it would otherwise have been according to the teen leaders. In addition to the mission project, the teens spend time each month on theological reflection of social justice issues.

In addition to the tutoring program the teens will describe their creation of a community garden for Beallwood and the environmental and social justice concerns surrounding food and sustainability. Abby and the other two teens are excited for the opportunity to describe their experience with this mission in our area and hopefully inspire and help others to create a similar program in their community.