Dear St. Nicholas friends and family,

This Sunday, September 25, I encourage you all to attend our Town Hall Meeting at 9:30am. We will be joined by our architect, Hank Houser, of Houser Walker Associates of Atlanta. Hank will lead us through the first step of developing a Master Site Plan for St. Nicholas. A Master Site Plan is a visual phase-by-phase plan of what we all think St. Nicholas’ physical plant should look like in the next 5, 10, 20 years, and beyond.

The most crucial aspect of this plan is hearing from everyone in the parish. This is YOUR plan, not merely the Rector or Vestry’s plan. The things we dream today will serve the generations of St. Nicholas members to come. Your attendance is really important, as well as your ideas and thoughts.

The Town Hall meeting is going to be a visioning session, where you will be encouraged to dream what God has in store for St. Nicholas. We won’t have designs to show you yet because we haven’t gotten your feedback in order to make the preliminary designs. Also, we aren’t going to be discussing the when’s and how’s of building yet. Instead we want to focus on a few questions:

  • How do our current facilities help and/or hinder our mission and ministries in this time and place?
  • If resources were unlimited, what do you think God would have us build to best serve our parishioners and the surrounding community?
  • In 5, 10, 20, & 30 years, what does St. Nicholas look like?

Hank met with the Vestry last night and already some good thoughts and ideas were expressed. Change is both exciting and anxiety producing and we want to name those things as we move forward and make sure everyone is heard. If you can’t be at the Town Hall Meeting, please respond to this e-mail with your thoughts. They will be included in the responses.

This is an exciting time for us! May this be an experience that draws us closer with one another, and closer with God as we pray for guidance and discernment.