New Consecration Sunday is coming quickly on November 6! We will gather for worship for one service at 10:00am (don’t forget to change your clocks ahead one hour the night before!), and then celebrate God’s goodness to us at a meal at the Hamilton Fire Department (Highway 116 East, near the soccer fields).

This past Sunday, we included two charts that may be helpful as you discern with your family what God is calling you to financially give in the next year. Generosity is a spiritual discipline just like prayer, service, or worship. We are called to give in order to draw ourselves to a more complete reliance on God, knowing that God is the provider of all our needs. We give because it’s good for us and helpful to the mission and ministries of St. Nicholas.


Click on this chart to get a larger view.

This first one encourages you to go up one step this year. Find whatever your weekly giving is and see what it would be like to take one more step. Once you see that, take some time to pray and reflect. What would it mean to your life to take that step?


Click on this chart to get a larger view.

This one gives you a sense of what it would be like to grow 1% this year. It also helps you see where you are in your journey toward a tithe (10%) or beyond. Remember that tithing is an ancient principle that refers to giving back to God the first fruits of all that already belongs to God. We do this because we are grateful to God for giving us the gifts we have, and so we give in gratitude. It’s not like paying a bill for services rendered, or like paying membership dues. 10% is just a guideline, not a rule. God doesn’t need money…God wants YOU! Another way of saying it is that God doesn’t want 10% of you, but 100%!

So why talk about money at all then? Because money is at the forefront of our culture and our minds. It can easily distract us from our relationship with God, or it can be used to draw us closer to God, if we’re willing to be generous with it. Stewardship is not about money, but how we see the intersection between us, our “stuff,” and God.

If you have any questions at all about this spiritual matter, please make an appointment with Fr. Jeff. If you have concerns, fears, or anxieties about spiritual financial giving, you should spend some time talking about it with your priest.