2011 VestryBelow are the approved minutes of September’s Vestry meeting. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of our Vestry members.

Vestry Minutes, September 19, 6:30 pm

In attendance: Connie Blackmon, Scott Crowley, Sheila Dixon, Lynn Hall, Dave Halmrast, Jeff Jackson, Katie Linney, Larry Nordin, Phebe Robertson, Linda Sawyer,  Anne Simpson.

Lynn led with a prayer


Master Site Planning- Hank Houser presented a small presentation & discussion was had on the Master Plan process. Scott Crowley is now chair of Strategic Planning Committee.

Discussion on how the meeting will run on Sunday, how it will be documented. We should consider having a relationship with the Harris Co Rec Dept.

Committee will be extremely involved with the whole process, defining what we need, how our current campus facilitates/hinders our ministry and mission.


Approval of August Minutes. Motion-Lynn. Second-Linda

Convocational Pre-Council Meeting Sept 25, 2pm at St Nichoals.

Father Jeff- gone for Con Ed Sept 26-28, Oct 3-7

Lobsterfest Update- Linda- Lobsterfest is sold out. Raffle sales going well. Silent Auction set up and ready to print bulletin. Jeff-haven’t seen us be this prepared this ahead of time-kudos.

Adult Formation in October- “To Hell With The Rector!” by Fr. Jeff

Youth Group meeting weekly again, thanks to Danielle Whitworth & Chris Lintner—first night had 17 kids, past week had 7- Very exciting.

Painting of outside of Church-Oct 15- Men’s Group sponsoring, it’ll be the same color and we are also painting the shed. Pressure washing beforehand. Start running a bulletin announcement.

Out & About Oct 21, Riverbend Restaurant on the Flint River Friday evening.

Trunk or Treat, Monday, Oct 31 (DoK planning it).

New Consecration Sunday Nov 6- we will have one service and the Master Site Plan presentation.

FOCUS Thanksgiving Food Drive Nov 18- all volunteers come to bag food. Nov 19- volunteers hand out food. Men’s Group BBQ sale Nov 19-distributing the bbq (Saturday). Men’s Group will presale tickets for bbq.

Thanksgiving Potluck Nov 20 (one service)

Christmas Tea- Dec 4- Sheila hasn’t published anything yet, will after Lobsterfest

Vestry Retreat April 20-22 Camp Mikell- sending in our reservation, mark calendar

Boy Scout Pack possibly meeting at St Nicholas- Scott Crowley’s son Jackson’s troop has no meeting place. If we hosted, it would probably be Thursday nights. We will want to draft a contract of some sort.

Newcomers- we’ve had a lot in last couple of weeks. The Barrs; Sept 11-Drucye’s son Chris & Mallory; Linda’s sister and bro-in law & daughter and husband; Bill Batastini, Frerricks, The Blairs, The Queeners. The Walkers and The Barrs joined Episcopal 101, Bob Hamilton and Patty Grace.


New Consecration Sunday update- Dave: Went over the Sequence of Events & Timeline leading up to Consecration Sunday. Have everything, people involved, letters going out, people speaking to congregation, newsletters so thatby the time Nov 6 comes, everyone will know what the concept is, the tone, the spiritual implication. Hoping we have good success. Decided to have one service at 10am (Nov 6). Thinking about building project tying into it…get done with the consecration program before we get into the building portion. Mal Underwood is the guest speaker. We can always move the master site presentation back if it doesn’t work on the same day. Looking for 3 people to stand up on 3 different Sundays to talk about their feelings on giving/what the church means to them/remind people to get their reservations in. Lunch on that day is fully catered. We will hand out Estimate of Giving Cards; estimate sheet gives you a stair-step, breaks down your income into percentages and how to work on going up one step of giving-very simple chart. On Tuesday Nov 1, there will be a dinner for vestry, finance committee, stewardship committee (and spouses or designated friend). Guest leader from diocese will be there, it’s for the leaders of the church, ask your help in contacting members of the church that haven’t agreed to come to service/lunch or responded at all. Stewardship Committee will plan the dinner.

Adult Formation leaders/topics- Lynn: it has been incredibly successful since we started this year. November 13 and 27, Dec 4, 11, 18. Suggestions on topics/leaders—maybe an Advent Series. History of St. Nicholas? Life of Jesus? Class on Genesis? Lenten Series?
Dave— “How the Bible Came to Be”—different chapters, really interesting book, would be an interesting class.

Oyster Roast at Sheila’s for Mardi Gras was mentioned.


Election of new clerk-Nancy Snoots resigned of clerk because of busy schedule. Motion- elect Katie Linney as clerk of Vestry. Dave moves, second Lynn.

Recommendation from Vestry Nomination Committee- Drucye absent- Connie – add one vestry person that we split children and youth ministries; have one person in charge of kids, one in charge of youth program. Need one more person. Concept-gradually add Vestry person each year for next 3 years. This round, we’d only be finding 3 people for Vestry. Decided to table the discussion until next month.

Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Class- still on table, haven’t planned it out yet. It’d be next year. Draw from the community as well. Probably be in the evening. $130 per family. It could possibly draw younger couples into the church.

Steward of the Month October: Jeff-thinking Strategic Planning Committee as Stewards- Nick & Nancy. Nick did considerable amount of work, a lot behind the scenes, wouldn’t be at this point without Nick driving this. Make a point of honoring them at town hall meeting this week. Motion-Connie, Second-Sheila.

Treasurer’s Report: Gene’s not here, Dorothy’s been out of town. Reports are not together.

Larry- Discussion on restoring Zion Church. Bill is working on a proposal, hoping to get funding. Talk to the bishop if you’re passionate about it.

Anne- pray for Nick- saw bad car accident. Sheila- pray for Brad Davis, broke his back.

Jeff closed with prayer at 8:10