lobsterfest-logoThis past Sunday, the Lobsterfest Committee met to debrief this year’s event and to receive the final numbers of what we raised. Thanks be to God, and to the wonderful work of our committee, the final net profit that we raised was $20,893.51!

The Committee thought it would be helpful to you all to see exactly our income and expenses to see where this number came from. Thanks to the hard work of our financial administrator Dorothy Webster, who handled the Lobsterfest finances during our triennial audit, here is Lobsterfest by the numbers:


Reservations:          10,400.00
Raffle:                       10,000.00
Silent Auction:          8,748.00
Bar:                                1,679.50
Miscellaneous:              510.00
TOTAL INCOME:    31,337.50


Lobsters:                        3,042.78
Raffle:                             3,850.00
Sweet Home:                 1,100.00
Musician:                          250.00
2 Chafing Dishes:           130.62
Cutlery:                                 40.55
Fans:                                     30.07
Soda:                                   160.20
Beef, Hot Dogs, &
Misc. Groceries:               479.20
Signs:                                    28.00
Bread:                                    75.85
Supplies:                             145.92
Supplies:                               43.08
Wine & Beer:                      666.56
Supplies:                              126.96
Volunteer Party:                250.00
Postage:                                 24.20
TOTAL:                          10,443.99


Hand Towels:                       188.75
Red Buckets:                            50.00
Red Ribbon:                               5.00
Flowers:                                    20.00
Rubber Lobsters:                     51.89
TOTAL:                                    315.64

INCOME:                             31,337.50
EXPENSES:                         10,443.99
TOTAL:                              20,893.51

This money will go to our operating expenses, to fund the many ministries of St. Nicholas, including our music & worship, adult, youth, & children’s programs, buildings & grounds, communications, hospitality, outreach programs, parish life events, administration, and stewardship programs.

Many thanks to everyone who pitched in to help make this possible! Your commitment and love for God and this church really made the difference!

Save the date of next year’s Lobsterfest, Friday, September 28, 2012!