Below are the congregational responses to the Town Hall Meeting held on September 25, 2011 concerning our future growth and buildings:

Jeff started with prayer

Thanked Nick Simpson and committee for their service

Introduced Scott Crowley as leader of the master planning committee

Introduced Hank Houser as Architect for Master Plan

Hank presented master planning process and invited the congregation to offer input that the master planning process should consider. The following comments were made by the congregation:

There was general appreciation for the architecture of the existing church. Desire to preserve character of current church.

It was pointed out that the existing church building was originally intended to be a temporary worship space and become a parish life center.

There was desire to improve the children’s play area and make it more accessible.

There was a desire to expand worship capacity – both as an immediate need and for long term growth.

There is a need for acoustic separation between nursery/ children spaces and worship space – and places where children can be children.

Master Plan should consider a kitchen with its own entrance to support a food pantry mission.

There is a need for a large social gathering space – if space is limited, flexibility for all spaces would be desired so that they could serve multiple purposes.

Master plan should plan for weddings and receptions.

There is a need for age appropriate sunday school spaces.

There is a need for spaces for flower guild, sacristy, robbing.

There is a need for storage for a wide variety of things.

There is a hope that the master plan takes full advantage of the beauty of the site.

There is a desire to keep the church open and light.

There is a desire to maintain the window behind the chancel.

There is a desire to develop the landscape and exterior spaces.

There is a desire for the buildings to have a timeless quality.

Educational outreach mission could endeavor to support people moving into jobs. Future buildings could use technology to support this mission.

Committee should not let existing building limit big thinking.

There is a need for space in the church for the choir – and space for the choir to practice.

There is a desire for a pipe organ in the church.

There is a desire for space for choir and acolytes to robe.

Parking should be done sensitively to preserve pastoral quality of site – consider parking between trees, similar to parking in Callaway Gardens.

Committee should consider assistive listening technology in worship center.

Master Plan should consider amphitheater in existing embankment.

There is a desire to have space that would support performing arts.

Committee should consider children’s space with their own kitchenette.

There is a need for multiple meeting rooms.

Master plan should consider sustainable and energy efficiency technologies – and consider LEED certification.

Consider cry room adjacent to church.