2011 VestryBelow are the approved minutes of October’s Vestry meeting. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of our Vestry members.

Vestry Minutes

October 24, 2011 6:30 pm

Present: Connie Blackmon, Gene Demonet, Dave Halmrast, Jeff Jackson, Katie Linney, Michelle Moody, Larry Nordin, Drucye Robinson, Linda Sawyer, Anne Simmpson

Opening Prayer- Linda

Formation—What Drives Your Church? Members reflected on past vestry meetings and described our church is a ______ church. Answers: People/programs driven church. Growing people driven church. People/welcoming community. Growth. Welcoming. FOCUS is an example; our newcomers are always welcomed; we want to grow; we have programs, events. We’re not just about the love of God, but also the love of mankind.


Approval of September Minutes- Dave, seconded by Michelle

Worship Committee Oct 26 at 3pm- Linda will talk about the rest of the year.

Lobsterfest Debrief October 30 after church

Trunk or Treat Oct 31- Monday. There will be a candy donation bucket in narthex. This event is a draw on the surrounding neighborhoods; usually have a pretty good turnout.

Leadership Dinner at Nancy Callaway’s house Nov 1- Tuesday evening 6:30pm- Stewardship, Finance, Vestry people present will be asked to make phone calls to those who haven’t made reservations for the Consecration luncheon. Mel Underwood is coming down.

Diocesan Council Nov 3-5 in Rome- Chris and Jackie Lintner are the elected leaders. Alternate is Michelle and she is going in Jackie’s place.

Bishop’s Nomination Committee update- in the middle of reading applications, we’ve gotten a good number, and we’ll meet before Diocesan Council.

Out & About Steeplechase Nov 5- signup on bulletin board or email Dianne Hinnant.

New Consecration Sunday Nov 6- also All Saint’s Sunday, reminding people if you want to remember a saint of your life, email the name to Katie katielinney@stnicholashamilton.org

Instructed Eucharist at E101 Nov 17 tends to bring more people. We go through the Eucharist service, and explain it. Service starts at 6:30.

FOCUS Thanksgiving Food Drive Nov 18-19- November 18th is the day we bag, the 19th is the day it’s distributed.

BBQ Fundraiser Nov 19- distribution day from 10am-1pm. Mike Sawyer says we’ve already sold roughly $700 worth of items. Please take forms and give them out to anyone.

Thanksgiving Potluck, Nov 20- signups will go up in next couple of weeks.

Fr. Jeff away Nov 21-26 for Thanksgiving vacation

Hamilton Christmas Parade Dec 3

Christmas Tea Dec 4

Lessons & Carols Dec 18, 5 pm

Newcomers- Anne- we’ve had a lot of visitors this year, last couple of weeks David Horne, Darrius Dennen and Jeff Ivey, Ben & Allison Blair, Bill Batastini, Susan Lippman. This past Sunday: David Lewis (son of Margaret Lewis), Sharon Crowder & Darrius Nelson.


Master Site Plan update- last night had meeting with Hank, he showed us 3 configurations and we chose what we liked. Remember that when you see the plan, this is 10-20 years down the road, so he will present it in phases. First phase is an administrative/sunday school building; part two of the first phase would be expanding our current building. Long range- this building will eventually become the parish hall. Future phases- 2 story building with sanctuary on top and education rooms below; amphitheater and outdoor alter; pavilion for outdoor events. Parking is a big topic of conversation; we’re discussing different options and a second entrance. I’ve been really impressed with how Hank has really listened to what we want/what we’ve said. Next part, after unveiling Master Site Plan, is for committee to make a recommendation to Vestry on what the next step is.

Christmas Tea- Sheila is absent today. Discussion on doing it this year, moving our energies to Lessons & Carols and adding refreshments to Lessons & Carols.

Nursery- Michelle- our two main workers will not continue after the end of the year. Kim has 4 jobs and is overwhelmed. Lily has had severe health problems (and so has her husband). We have and Sam Dixon but Sam graduates in May. It’s too much for one person every Sunday. Start sticking your feelers out for people let them know we pay $30 per Sunday and that we do background checks.
We want to hire someone outside the congregation. Ideas- Look at FOCUS. Trinity uses a service for finding nursery workers- Michelle will look into it.


Christmas Services- last time we talked about eliminating Midnight Mass and we got some feedback on that, people want the service. Sam and I talked about having 2 services on Christmas Eve.
We will have one service on Christmas day. Decided to have a 5pm Christmas Eve Service and a 10:30pm Christmas Eve Service.

Recommendation from Vestry Nomination Committee- Drucye- Larry has decided to stay on Buildings & Grounds. Michelle had Children Formation, Sheila has agreed to take over position. Lynn is taking over communications from Drucye. Anne is swapping to Parish Life. That leaves open Hospitality, Adult Formation and thought about starting a Youth Formation Vestry position. Discussed need for 12 vestry members, especially as we continue to grow. We had a consensus on adding a Youth Formation position to Vestry (Youth is 6th-12th grades).

Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Class- pass on this until next meeting

Steward of the Month for November: The Lobsterfest Committee

Treasurer’s Report- Gene- Net proceeds from Lobsterfest $21,500. Dorothy is finishing the audit; there are no problems with it, just lots of detail.

*January 6- Epiphany Party at the Jackson House.

*Only weekend open for Vestry Orientation Day is Jan 6-8, we could move it to February if needed.

Prayer & Dismissal 8:04