2011 VestryBelow are the approved minutes of  December’s Vestry meeting. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of our Vestry members.

Vestry Meeting

Monday, December 20, 2011

In attendance: Jeff Jackson, Linda Sawyer, Anne Simpson, Bill Caudill, Sheila Dixon, Heather Roper, Lynn Hall, Michelle Moody, Drucye Robinson

Jeff opened the meeting with devotion and a prayer.

He welcomed Heather Roper and Bill Caudill, who are potential new vestry member.

Formation was about Congregational Size Dynamics. We will discuss this topic for the next couple of months. Of the 5 categories Family, Pastoral, Transitional, Program and Resource sizes, we fall into the Pastoral category currently,

Discussion ensued about why that is and where we want to go next.


The minutes of the November meeting were voted on and accepted.

Christmas Eve services will be at 5:00 & 10:30

Fr. Jeff will be on vacation December 27 – 31, Jan. 2-3

Jan. 1 there will one service at 11:00.

The Epiphany Party at the Jackson’s will be Jan. 6 at 6:30.

The Annual meeting will be January 8, one service.

We agreed not to have the potluck this year as the party as the Jackson’s is potluck and that might be too much to ask people.

Fr. Jeff will be away for the Bishop’s Retreat January 12-15 and at Happening January 26-29. (Tom Jones will be the supply priest for both Sundays.)

The next vestry meeting will be Monday, January 23 at 6:30. We will have Orientation & Calendar Planning. Each vestry member should think about and be prepared to schedule events on the 2012 calendar.

Grey’s baptism will be February 23, at the 11:00 service. Drucye asked if that was a good date for her grandchild to be baptized as well and Jeff said yes.


Fr. Jeff gave a report on the tornado damage. The insurance company has reimbursed us $20,000 and it is in the designated building fund and will be available as needed for the new play ground and the sign.

Bill Caudill has asked the loggers to go ahead and remove some trees from the corner where the sign will go.

Report from the strategic planning Committee:

The strategic planning committee recommended that we go back to Hank and get the architect to design the new sign so it goes with the master plan for the new building.

There was discussion about whether or not we got the grant money from the Diocese and what the amount was.

In January the strategic planning committee will have a meeting about possibly hiring a capital campaign consultant. Trip Norris in the Diocese will supply us with some names.


The 2012 budget was presented for approval by the vestry. Questions were raised as to why some areas budget amounts were reduced from last year and it was because the finance committee budgeted what was actually spent by that area.

Linda Sawyer said she thought each vestry person would have submitted a budget for their area for approval but Jeff said that had not worked in the past.

It was decided to increase the Children’s Christian Ed amount from $300 to $1,000.00.

The Building and Grounds budget amount was increased to $1500.00 as Bill mentioned several costly repairs the church needs. For instance, the side door need to be replaced.

The budget surplus at this point is $2,500.00.

Lobsterfest is not included in the budget and is a separate line item.

Profit from the event can be designated in whatever way we decide.

Gene Demonet proposed that we give Sam Roney a bonus of $2,500.00.

The St. Nicholas Men’s Group wants to also give Sam the profits from the Barbeque Fundraiser they put on. This amount is about $1,500.00..

Discussion ensued about whether a group in the church should be allowed to designate funds for whatever purpose they wished. While the majority thought we should allow this for Sam, they want to make sure in the future, if a fundraiser is for a special purpose, it should be known at the time the vestry approves the fundraiser.

CVEM has asked for a 5% increase and the Vestry approved a 10% increase.

Gene said we will receive a significant gift from the estate of Joe Kuechenmeister.

We were also given $10,000.00 by an anonymous donor for the specific purpose of reducing the building loan.

Lynn Hall wished to be on record that she was opposed to giving Sam the $2,500.00 from the church. Her reason being that that money would be taken from one of the other ministries. There was discussion about the fact that this money was not being taken from another ministry, but was a surplus of funds at the end of the year. Lynn later agreed to the gift because of this.

Drucye Robinson said we should be given the proposed budget well in advance of the vestry meeting where we have to vote on it. Jeff indicated that the Vestry was given the budget first at the October Vestry meeting, and then by e-mail the Thursday before this meeting, however, proper instructions on how to review the budget were not given. Also, because of the storm on November 16, the Finance Committee did not meet, so Gene had to pull the budget together himself, but it was reviewed and approved by the Finance Committee on December 14.

The budget was voted on and passed with the above revisions.

New vestry:

Heather Roper has been nominated to be vestry person for Youth Formation, Bill Caudill for Building and Larry Nordin for grounds. .

There will be no hospitality vestry connection but we are looking for a committee to take that over.

Nancy Snoots will chair Adult Formation and there will not be a vestry position for that either.

The Nominating Committee decided that engaging committees in these areas rather than one Vestry member will spread out the workload and invite more people into ministry.

Stewart of the Month

Drucye Robinson for her dedication in communications for St. Nicholas for 3 years.

Fr. Jeff dismissed the meeting with a prayer.