guitarjeffTomorrow morning, February 14, 2012, at 8:45am ET, I will be conducting a little experiment.

After I take the kids to school, and go for a brief walk, I usually come home and say Morning Prayer. Many of you have indicated how much you like our daily devotions on the St. Nicholas website. So putting the two together, plus my hobby of podcasting, I thought it might be easy to say Morning Prayer together in the comfort of our own homes. Plus, I find praying with others either in person or online can make my prayer time even richer.

So tomorrow, I’m going to experiment with this using an app called Mixlr. You should be able to listen in to the live stream on your PC or Mac computers, or even your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. You can listen to the live stream tomorrow at 8:45am by going to this address:

During the broadcast, there’s also a chat feature, so you can interact during the broadcast with me and other listeners.┬áIf you can’t tune in at 8:45, you can still go to the site later and listen and comment.

Morning Prayer is a brief liturgy (15-20 min.), and I’ll be using the form from the Mission of St. Clare website if you wish to follow along. I could use any feedback that you can give and if it works well, I may start doing this weekly or a couple of times during the week. It’s something I’m doing anyway, so why not do it together?