patty“The Episcopal Church welcomes you!” That’s our deal, right? We’re welcoming.
Being a new parishioner, I can attest that St. Nicholas is a welcoming church. We were looking for a new church home, somewhere that we could feel comfortable, learn together and grow as Christians. On our first visit, we hit the jackpot!
During the Peace, we remember one particular woman who came from the other side of the church to introduce herself to us and to shake our hands. After the service, I saw a couple of familiar faces and was embraced and welcomed. And then there was Jeff.
Father Jeff practically did a backbend to reach a coffee mug to present to us. He encouraged us to fill out visitor information, hugged, introduced us around and was a friendly as a puppy! My natural reserve was beginning to fade away as he talked.
In a matter of days, we had a note from Fr. Jeff, asking to join him for coffee. We met and spent a wonderful hour or so exchanging life stories and spiritual views. Jeff followed up with emails and calls to be sure that we were settling in.
After our second or third visit, we had our own name badges and began to get familiar with our fellow parishioners. We’ve found our home at St. Nick’s, and what’s more is we’ve found new friends, new knowledge, been challenged in our thinking and have opened ourselves to outside ministry through FOCUS.

But: What If?
What If for whatever reason, we weren’t greeted that day? What if Fr. Jeff had been distracted? What if we hadn’t been encouraged to fill out contact information? What if there had been no follow-up?
We can’t let this happen to any guests. The Hospitality Team encourages you to become a Greeter. This ministry goes beyond saying hello, offering a prayer book, inviting a guest to stay for coffee. This ministry is designed to be sure that no one is overlooked, that each visitor receives information about us, has a contact name and a friend by making a phone call, writing a note or inviting the newcomer to a Parish event.
Please consider being a Greeter. It’s an easy job for the friendly people of St. Nicholas!
Contact Mike Sawyer at or 706-582-3813 to sign up.