2011 VestryBelow are the approved minutes of  February’s Vestry meeting. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of our Vestry members.

Vestry Minuets

February 27, 2012


Present:  Bill Caudill, Gene Demonet, Sheila Dixon, Dave Halmrast, Jeff Jackson, Katie Linney, Larry Nordin, Heather Roper, Linda Sawyer,

Opening prayer led by Fr. Jeff at 6:30

Formation: Discussion on ‘Family-Sized Church’, which is what St. Nicholas is based on our Average Sunday Attendance (ours is 90).
At Vestry Retreat we’re looking at where we want to grow as a church. Majority of churches are pastoral-sized. Pastoral size moves from patriarch/matriarch-led church to pastor-led; it’s highly relational and worship is the center.
Family-Sized Congregation: ASA is 3-75; rural places; function like a family; made up of family (matriarch/patriarch) and core revolves around the family; strength of the church is it’s intimacy; weaknesses- there are really low expectations, not a lot of planning unless you’re looking to grow; congregational life is very informal; communication is word of mouth (there may not be a newsletter); pastoral care is very relational, pastor is not primary pastoral care-giver; outreach is usually one major project;  clergy person (part or full time) is connected but serves more as a chaplain; decisions are made by the matriarch/patriarchs. Family Sized tends to have 2-8 real leaders.  In order to grow, you have to invite someone in.   Discussion followed on St. Nicholas being like a family-sized church, how it started.
Next month we’ll talk about a transitional church.


–Prayer Sign up

–Sexuality Issues & the Church Feb. 26, March 4, March 11

–Lenten Series starts Tuesday, Feb. 28: Host for tomorrow night is Sheila Dixon

–FOCUS Board meeting here March 1: 8am

–Humane Society Puttin’ On The Dog March 6

–Ministry Fair, March 10: Will send out email if people want to carpool

–Men’s Group BBQ Sale pickup on March 24: sheets are out in the narthex; due date the week before pickup

–Work Day at Zion, March 31

–There is a need to set up a workday here, decided on Saturday, April 14. 8:30am. Sheila will bring food. Need a lot of people to help outside as well as inside helpers.

–Youth 4-square Tournament April ???

–Friends of the Library Book Sale:

–Vestry Retreat at Camp Mikell April 20-22: details will be forthcoming

–Relay for Life, April 27, Survivor Sunday April 29: Rebecca Crowley made an announcement at church

–Adult Formation Team & Hospitality Team are up and running: mostly all new people, they’re already planning and it’s all really exciting

–Strategic Planning Committee update: Scott has preliminary plans drawn up for the sign. We have a $14,000 gift and $20,000 from insurance.
Consultant from Episcopal Foundation came by to give out materials, talk about the steps of a capital campaign. We’d need to do a feasibility study (3 month process), and if they make recommendation to move forward, we’d start the capital campaign (4 month process). The Committee wants to take another month to reflect on what Sarah (the consultant) had to say-will meet in March to make recommendation, so our next Vestry meeting we’ll make a decision on how to move forward.

–Newcomers: William & Stephanie Edgar, Sarah & Molly from Manchester. William is Asst. Superintendent in Meriwether County.


–Youth Challenges: Heather mentioned her challenges, the big one being attendance, which has been a long-term challenge.  What do we want to do with our youth?

Ideas: It might make more sense to schedule something only once a quarter, something big like a Braves game. Plan activities in the summer when school & other activities aren’t going on. Focus on a younger group of kids. Church softball team (adults & teens). Put an effort into Sundays, when the youth are here. Look into mentoring programs.  Contemporary services/jam sessions.
Our youth always come to church and they are involved in Sunday worship; even if they don’t come to outside activities, our main youth ministry is worship.

–Reflections on this past Sunday’s Adult Formation: We had maybe 50 people attend the Forum and it was very emotional.  Overall the feedback was positive. There is a concern that those who disagree can’t or won’t express themselves.  We had homosexual people in the meeting and that could have affected people’s words & tones.
Feedback on Jeff’s introduction- it was terrific.
As leaders, we need to pay attention to those people who may not have felt like they could have a voice. We don’t want those who disagree to feel they don’t have a role to play in the church.


–Approval of January Minutes: motion made by Dave, Heather seconded.

–Treasurer’s Report-Gene- budget for 2011 pledges: $145,000, actual is $145,819. Follow up on ACS program, we can get a trainer to come here, she was strongly recommended. We need to get serious about who will get the training and do the work, Dorothy plus two others.  Gene will explore options and get back to us next week.

Look into electronic pledging; Diocese can set it up. Dave will look into it.

-Dave- Last year, a pledge form was passed out, we’re printing a ‘ministry form’ and will hand out the form in both services. It indicates interest in all the activities we have, and then we’ll follow up with them. It will be done in March.

Prayer & Dismissal-7:38

Addendum March 1:  Dick & June Wood were nominated for Stewards of the Month for March. All members voted in agreement via email.