We are quickly approaching the election of the 10th Bishop of the Diocese of Atlanta on June 2. As many of you know, this has been a long process for me, as one who was tasked with creating the slate of candidates, representing our convocation. I am extremely excited about what is to come, and think we have a solid group of candidates.

On June 2 at the election, I will be joined by Chris and Jackie Lintner as electors for the next bishop. As we pray and trust the Holy Spirit to guide us in this election, it’s also important for the people of St. Nicholas, as people of the Diocese of Atlanta, to give some feedback as to who you think would make a good bishop for our parish and for the diocese as a whole.

Next week, there are “walkabouts” across the diocese to meet the various candidates. If you can’t make one of those sessions, take a look at the following short introductory videos of the various candidates, read over the diocesan profile, and read the candidates’ essays, then let me know who you think would make a good bishop and why. You may provide some good insight for Chris, Jackie, and me as we discern who will get our vote.

Click on the names to read their resume and essays.

The Rev. George Adamik
Rector, St. Paul’s, Cary, North Carolina

The Rev. Michael Bird
Rector, Christ Church, Bronxville, New York

The Very Rev. Samuel Candler
Dean, Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta

The Rev. Martha MacGill
Rector, Memorial Episcopal Church, Baltimore, Maryland

The Rev. Canon James Pritchett
Canon to the Ordinary, Diocese of Western North Carolina

The Very Rev. Robert Wright
Rector, St. Paul’s, Atlanta