Nets for Life – St. Nicholas Youth’s Project


Goal = 50 Nets by mid October

The youth decided Terracycle would be a great way to not only protect the environment but to save lives as well. As the temperatures continue to rise, you spend more time outside and you count the increasing number of mosquito bites. Remember those in countries where mosquito bites could lead to serious illness.

How can you help?

The youth are collecting the following items, which will be turned in to Terracycle for money. The money raised will then be sent to the Episcopal Relief for the purchase of the special nets that help protect against malaria (cost $12 each and covers up to 3 people). We will also have a container if you choose to make a cash donation.

Bring in the following items, leave them in the drop box in the Narthex and we do the rest.

Here is what we are collecting and our return:

Cellphones = Standard $1.00; Smart phone $7.50; iPhone $10.00

Solo Cups (no foam) = $.01 each

Drink Pouches (CapriSun & Honest Kids) = $.02 each

Kraft Cheese Packaging = $.01 each

Digital Cameras = $2.50

Inkjet cartridges = $.25 each

Laptops = $5.00

MP3 = $2.50

Scotch Tape container (name brand) = $.01

Beauty Products and Packaging = Any used personal care or beauty product packaging, but not limited to lipstick cases, shampoo bottles, powder cases, etc. (NOT ACCEPTED = NAIL POLISH BOTTLES, HAIRSPRAY AND DEODERANT CANS)

*If you have any questions, see Chris Lintner or Heather Roper.