untitledThis week, we will be moving into Stage 2 of our building program. Everything up to this point has been Stage 1, which has been focused on the  development of a Master Site Plan, and deciding what project we want to start. The second stage is called the Feasibility Study. Before we start fundraising there are some important things we need to discover. Are we all in support of the next project? How much money can we raise? How invested are our people in this project? These are questions that need to be answered before we move forward.

In light of that, we have pulled together a Steering Committee for this Feasibility Study. Co-chaired by Scott Crowley and Judy Jenks, the committee also consists of our Administrative Assistant Katie Linney, Amy Nerone, Bert Tomlin, and Fr. Jeff.

The study will consist of a few key steps:

1. Developing a “case statement,” which is a document that we’ll be able to use in our fundraising that includes all the pertinent information.

2. Conducing personal interviews with 8-10 families on July 19-21. These interviews will be scheduled at the church and will be done by our consultant Sarah Matthews. We will hand-pick the people to be interviewed and they will be a cross-section of the parish.

3. Conducting a questionnaire through direct mail & online, which everyone in the parish will receive and participate in.

4. Receiving the report from our consultant on whether or not it’s feasible to proceed with a capital campaign.

Everyone will have a chance to be heard through the process. We expect this to be a smooth process so that our capital campaign can start in September and end in November.

For now, we ask that you continue to pray as we go through this process of planning. To help with this, we’ve given out a prayer card to be prayed daily by parishioners throughout the summer.

Almighty God, giver of all good gifts, you were with Solomon as he built the Temple and with the apostles as they built your church, guide the people of St. Nicholas in every step of our capital campaign and building process, that we may be led to wise decisions and right actions for the furthering of your Kingdom. Equip our leadership: our consultant, Sarah, our architect, Hank, our Strategic Planning Committee, our Vestry, and our Rector, that they may follow where you lead. When we receive gifts, help us to be grateful; when we face challenges, inspire us with your Holy Spirit; and when we lose sight of the vision you have given us, open our eyes anew. May all we do be to your glory, in the name of the Father who loves us, the Son who redeems us, and the Spirit who sustains us. Amen.

If you have any questions at any time, contact us at contact@stnicholashamilton.org.