2011 VestryBelow are the approved minutes of  March’s Vestry meeting. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of our Vestry members.

Vestry Meeting

March 26, 2012


Recommendation from Strategic Planning Committee:  Scott Crowley.
We are meeting on a monthly basis. We met with Sarah Matthews, a Capital Campaign Consultant, who does work specifically for Episcopal Churches. She explained there’s 3 phases to the process: Discernment phase (what would you like to do), Feasibility phase (costs, send out surveys), and a Solicitation phase (the longest phase, the ‘asking’ phase).  The committee voted to make a recommendation to Vestry to hire Sarah Matthews (The Episcopal Church Foundation).

Since we did so much with Hank Houser, we’ll limit the discernment to one day. Feasibility will take about 3 months and Solicitation about 4 months.

It will require some thinking and planning with Sarah of our Stewardship campaign, if we want to continue with the Consecration Sunday.

Larry made a motion to vote on hiring Sarah Matthews, Seconded by Dave.

Formation—Program-sized Church- we’re looking at this because in the master site plan, the general number thrown out that we’d like to see our church grow to is 300, and that would put us in the bracket of program-sized congregation. Program sized Average Sunday Attendance is 225-450. It’s different than pastoral-sized (what we are) in that it is very program focused. The programs are supplemented by pastor & vestry.  In Program-sized, you have subgrouping (young family group, the singles group, etc.) As a church grows, it’s hard to hold family-sized model (matriarch, patriarch) so you have groups emerge. Instead of ‘cliques’ we can call them ‘tribes’.  They’re led more by staff & well trained lay people. The pastor moves from being  hands-on to every single thing to being  hands-on to staff and leadership in the congregation. His/her role is more administrative and development of leadership. Newcomers don’t expect to know the pastor personally, their interaction with pastor is through sermons and teachings and liturgical acts, because there are staff people that hold that role. The lay people also take on more of the pastoral care, like making visits, checking in with people.  The pastoral role of the pastor is emergency situations (accidents, deaths.)
The Vestry moves from being unpaid staff of parish to being the vision casters, the vision bearers and the vision communicators—doing the planning and letting the (paid) staff take care of day to day operations.  The growth comes in the programs. The Vestry would cast a vision for a children’s ministry, they develop a team of leadership around it, hire a children’s minister, the growth comes from families hearing about it.  Trinity in downtown Columbus is an example of program-sized.
Some anxiety with this—the hardest jump to make is from pastoral sized to program sized.  There’s anxiety of letting go of responsibilities, jobs, and people lose the family-type feel.  In a program sized church, there are more anonymous pew-sitters.
Transitional sized—“in between” time. It functions both as pastoral & program sized congregation. There is lots of chaos in the transitional-sized because you’re growing. A small church mentality and larger church mentality fight for dominance.  In this transition, some programs are very well developed and some are not. The leadership has to navigate this very carefully; it can push you back to pastoral. Leadership has to remain calm and not anxious, constantly casting a vision, continually developing leaders so you reach the program size.

This is all prepping us to move to our vestry retreat in thinking about what kind of place we want to be. Do we want to be a program church? We haven’t made any decisions, we are discussing it because of our upcoming new building.

Information—Notice of Accord

March 30, 10:00am Palm Cross making

March 31, 9:00 am Work day at Zion- will have a box of dust masks, Bill will have a vacuum and shop vac.

April 1-6 Holy Week, Palm Sunday through Good Friday

April 4, Fr. Jeff speaking at Holy Week lunch at Pine Mountain, FUMC, Linda, Sue and Connie providing lunch

April 7- Special Choir Rehearsal & Flower Guild decorating for Easter

April 8- Easter Sunday, collection of Hope Chests

April 9-12 Jeff gone for Clergy Respite at Kanuga

April 12-15 Friends of the Library Book Sale

April 14, 8:30am Work day at church

April 15 after church: Financial workshop?? If not, how about April 29? Not mandatory.

April 15, 3:00pm Youth 4-Square Tournament

April 20-22 Vestry Retreat (Fr. Tom supplying)


April 27- Relay for Life, April 29 Survivor Sunday

Newcomers: Kim Lewis, Nate & Ashley Taylor, Ashley is daughter of Lynn Norris (3/4), Allen & Gary Levi (3/25)

Discussion: Church Directory: Lynn. Communication Committee has decided on the software for the directory- instantchurchdirectory.com, it’ll be on the church website, you enter a password and you see the directory. As a committee we will try to get pictures of entire families on Sundays and we set up a December deadline. The software is very simple. Michelle, Linda, Anne, Charlotte, and Kathie are on committee, responsible for getting information for each family.
The cost is $65 a year.

Vestry Retreat plans- Carpool- Dave & Connie volunteered to drive. Leave around 4:30.


Approval of February Minutes- Jeff made motion to accept minutes, approved.

Steward of the Month for April: Tornado Cleanup Crew

*Summer Chapel Band, May 6, play for 2 services with brunch in the middle.

Treasurer’s Report- first two months, doing very well.  $127,000. $40,000 is designated funds. $157,000 left on building loan. We are ahead on pledges. Expenses- error under ‘printing’, it shows a 0, but we actually have $4600 budgeted for the year. Overall expenses right on track with budget.

Prayer & Dismissal