2011 Vestry Below are the approved minutes of  May’s Vestry meeting. If you have any  questions, please feel free to ask one of our Vestry members.

Vestry Meeting

May 14, 2012


Present: Connie Blackmon, Bill Caudill, Sheila Dixon, Dave Halmrast, Jeff Jackson, Katie Linney, Larry Nordin, Anne Simpson

Bill Caudill led us in Opening Prayer

Formation—Goals from Vestry Retreat:

Goals for next 2 years:

#1 Goals:

· Increase membership numbers- 200 members; generate 15% growth annually in pledging membership.

· Complete a successful & spiritually grounded capital campaign & building program.

#2 Goals:

· Finish the first addition to the church (the administrative building).

· Educate parish on vision, achieve support & buy in, keep vision in front of congregation.

#3 Goals:

· Step-by-step 2 -year plan that we look at often.

· Make our present church more accessible & comfortable for seating.

· Hire a part-time Christian Ed. Director.

· Have a membership growth strategy, especially for young families.

· Keep congregation informed electronically.

· Finish developing working committee who spread out the work and cultivates the next group of leaders.

· Decide on the order of the building project & present to congregation; establish building date.

· Sunday School classes for 3 groups of youth (high school, middle school, and children.)

What do we want to do with these goals? How do we achieve them?

We need to develop specific action plans. A lot of the first part will be based on the feasibility study.
We will have the goals reprinted in the monthly newsletter so everyone knows.

Reaching 200 members will not happen without the new building.


May 16- Bishop Walkabout at Christ Church, Macon 6pm

May 20- Memorial Day service; Tom Jones will preach, so I don’t have to prepare a sermon while I’m on vacation

May 21-26- Jackson Family Vacation to Panama City!

May 27- Pentecost Sunday

June 2- Bishop Election in Atlanta

June 4- Bible 101 starts at 10:00am

June 10- Pulpit Swap Service at Christian Valley 10:00am followed by Potluck; Cancel our services here and have it at Christian Valley

June 23- Batastini/Lippmann wedding, 10:30am

June 25-29- TAP in Columbus

July 7-14- Jackson family vacation at Kanuga

July 15- Lobsterfest kickoff.  Lobsterfest is September 28 at Sweet Home. Max guest 220. Prices remain the same as last year.  Save the date emails will be sent out to congregation and to those who attended last year. It hasn’t been decided yet if we will have a raffle.

July 23-27- Vacation Bible School

Newcomers: We had 23 visitors in April & May;  12 visitors on Bluegrass Sunday alone


Next year’s retreat?

Lobsterfest fund recommendation: Lobsterfest Committee recommends the proceeds be designated for the Capital Campaign for the building. Vestry made a unanimous decision in favor of designating the funds to the Capital Campaign.

Feasibility Study timeline: The full study takes 12 weeks, includes 6 stages. 1st-prepare a case statement. 2nd– prepare the personal interviews (over phone) by Sarah with 8-10 members of congregation. 3rd– direct mail goes to everyone.  4th– online survey entire congregation takes. 5th– have the actual interviews (8-10 members listed above).
Suggested to have a feasibility steering committee, next week have a committee in place. Tentatively set personal interviews to happen last weekend of July.
August 19- 5pm- Have a joint meeting of Strategic Planning Committee & Vestry to hear Sarah’s report.

Mid-late August, we’ll be finished with feasibility study and Sarah will let us know how to move forward with Capital Campaign.

Kuechenmeister gift: Discussion followed on whether or not to pay off our current mortgage.  No rush to decide, we can keep our options open. Suggestion- set up St. Nicholas Trust. Dave will talk with Gene to talk with Merryl Lynch.


Diocesan Council delegates- time to get them registered for November Council, November 8-10.  All expenses are paid and this year Council is at the Cathedral.  Suggestions: Anne Simpson.
Connie suggested having rotating delegates.

Approval of March Minutes: Dave moved we approve the March minutes, Bill seconded.

Vestry meeting time change?  Decided to leave the meeting time at 6:30

Steward of the Month for May/June: May–Joe Torres for fixing kitchen ; June– Recognize our Sunday School teachers for doing Sunday School all year.

Treasurer’s Report- not available this month.

Next Vestry Meeting: June 25 at 6:30pm

Prayer & Dismissal at 7:35