Below are the approved minutes of  August’s Vestry meeting. If you have any  questions, please feel free to ask one of our Vestry members.

Vestry Meeting

August  27, 2012


Present: Connie Blackmon, Gene Demonet, Sheila Dixon, Lynn Hall, Dave Halmrast (by phone), Jeff Jackson, Katie Linney, Heather Roper, Anne Simpson

Opening Prayer led by Heather Roper.


Grading & Drainage Plan Proposal (from ACES Engineering): Engineer emailed, he will come and present the plan at another time, it’s not ready yet. He plans to get proposal emailed to Jeff by end of next week.

Drawings for Sign on Hwy 116/Mobley Rd: Discussed possibly changing sign from saying “St. Nicholas” to “Saint Nicholas”.

Results of Feasibility Study feedback & Recommendation from Sarah Matthews: We went over it all after the service; we were pretty thorough, got really great feedback from it.

People had questions about the contract from Sarah, we discussed them. Finance Committee looked at it, recommended we move forward. We have just under $47,000 in the designated building fund already.

Lynn mentioned that 2 complaints came afterward from members, that $18,975 was too much to pay the ECF. Another member who has done a capital campaign at another church said to Connie that it’s worth every penny to work with a consultant, to pass the word on to the Vestry.

Hire Sarah Matthews as our Capital Campaign consultant: Discussion was had over hiring an outside consultant & the cost. The fee is on a sliding scale, it’s based on church budget & parish size. If we wanted to negotiate, we’d have to talk with her boss. Heather Roper made motion to accept Sarah as the Campaign consultant, Lynn Hall seconded, vote was unanimous.

Discussion followed on a tentative timeline of the Campaign. [Sept-Oct determine calendar & budget, announce goal, recruit and train chairs and leadership, evaluate the advance gift prospects; Oct-Nov continue to train leadership, complete material, contact planned giving prospects; Nov-Dec prepare and launch congregational, hold kickoff event, monitor solicitation efforts; Dec- Jan Finalize calls, set up pledge collection and acknowledgement]

Connie questioned if we should do the Planned Giving portion along with Capital Campaign? Find out price adjustment if we dropped the Planned Giving. Jeff said he’d talk to Sarah about that.

Prioritize Building Needs: List of needs, in order, from the survey emailed out

1. Admin Offices

2. Classroom

3. Double Worship Space

4. Space for instruments & choir

5. Nursery

6. Vesting Room

7. Parking

8. Storage

Discussion followed on priorities. Vestry approved the order. Connie made a motion that we contact Hank Houser to make a preliminary design of phase 1a of the building process based on these needs, adding some improvement to the existing sanctuary, Lynn seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

Cost of Admin building $800,000 (3,000 sq. ft.; includes contingencies like furniture); expansion of current building cost is $1 million.

Maximum amount Sarah thought we could raise was $450,000 over a 3 year period. End of first year, most we could have is $150,000. End of 2nd might have $300,000. End of 3rd might have $450,000. Anne said we should know the tax laws: what’s the advantage of giving up front or delaying.

Dissolution of Strategic Planning Committee: Jeff suggested that the work of the Strategic Planning Committee was done and the Vestry should dissolve it, and from that create Capital Campaign Committee and a Building Committee. All agreed. We need a way to thank the Strategic Planning Committee, agreed to make them Stewards of the Month for September.

Formation of Capital Campaign & Building Committees: We have a list from the survey sent out of possible people that expressed interest in helping with Capital Campaign.

Scott Crowley has agreed to be chair of Capital Campaign. Other potential members were discussed. Connie volunteered to be on the Capital Campaign.

New Building Committee: The committee would take on the existing projects (new sign, Callaway property) and working with Hank to design the next building. New Building Committee is a 1 year commitment. A potential chair and members were discussed.


Approval of June Minutes: Dave made motion to approve June Minutes, seconded by Heather, all approved.

Steward of the Month for August & September: suggestion for Strategic Planning Committee for September & VBS workers for August. Approved by all.

Treasurer’s Report: Gene- Total current assets: $242,000. Strong cash position from Joe Kuechenmeister’s gift ($155,000 of the $234, 000). Contributions are right on budget. Finance Committee will start preliminary planning on the upcoming budget.

Finance Committee put together Capital Plan:

Year 1: Fund Drive $150,000. Lobsterfest $18,000. Kuchenmeister $100,000 = $268,000

Year 2: Fund Drive $150,000. Lobsterfest $18,000. = $168,000.

Year 3: Fund Drive $150,000. Lobsterfest $18,000. = $168,000.

Recommend Project $604,000. Additional Funding to limit $200,000. Will add $25 to $35,000 in annual debt service cost.Finance Committee recommends that we not, in the Capital Plan, add more debt than what we’re already handling. Ask Hank what he can build us for $600,000 rather than $800,000.
Connie says we need to be more aggressive and stay with the proposed $800,000.

Dave agrees with Connie and says we should borrow if needed.

If we can build admin building for less, we can spend more on existing building to satisfy other needs. We should satisfy as many needs as we can, we can borrow the money if needed.

Jeff said we do want to shoot for the bigger goal because it stretches our faith, and also whatever we build should last 5-10 years before we have to do it all again.

Discussed setting up electronic withdrawals for Stewardship commitment.

Other Business: Jeff mentioned that we have yet to have a vestry meeting where all 9 members are present. We need to think about that and how we can change it.

We have 3 teen mentors for SNICK so far-Austin Hubbard, Macie Edwards, and Grace Metsinger! We’ve also had successful youth & Sunday school attendance so far.

Next Vestry Meeting: September 24, 6:30pm

Prayer & Dismissal: 7:52pm