allen-levi-2nd-saturdaysA few years ago, Sue Halmrast and I were talking about how neat it would be to host a concert series at St. Nicholas to enliven the music scene in Harris County. We have such a wealth of talent in our area and as a church that strives to be the center of spiritual nourishment for our community, what better way than to open our doors to the community and hear some good music and tell some good stories. Back then I said, “I should talk to Allen Levi about this.” But I never did…

A few weeks ago, we hosted a small concert for another artist named Bill Mallonee. It was a small crowd, but we had a fabulous time. A couple of days after Bill’s concert, I got a call from Allen Levi. For those who might not know Allen, he is a local celebrity in Harris County and a highly acclaimed singer/songwriter who has sold out much bigger venues than St. Nicholas. Allen is also well known for hosting a weekly men’s Bible study called the “Front Porch Gang” who do a lot of work in the community. Allen and I had developed a friendship over the past few years, and he even showed up to worship at St. Nicholas a time or two.

Allen called and said that he had tried to show up for the Bill Mallonee concert, but got the time wrong, but it cemented an idea he had been tossing around. For a while, he said, he had been wanting to do a small, monthly show in a local venue to enhance the artistic community in Harris County. Since St. Nicholas was open to having Bill Mallonee, perhaps we’d be open to having Allen Levi. It became clear to both of us that the Spirit was stirring something up here.

After some conversation on his front porch, Allen and I dreamed of a concert series that would be a combination of music and storytelling, highlighting our wonderful community of musicians and artists. Also, perhaps it would stimulate our local economy if people chose to eat dinner at many of our wonderful restaurants in Harris County before they came to the show.

Our hope is to pack out these shows and get people into St. Nicholas. Who knows, perhaps our small size will be a benefit to our growth?

Allen wants to do the first few concerts himself, but intends to invite other artists to play as well. So mark your calendars for the second Saturday of each month as we gather for great entertainment and community spirit.

Since seating is limited, this is a ticketed event. Tickets won’t be sold at the door. Tickets are $20 and are available at Spread the word, and join us!