Dear subscribers to our website,

Starting next week, January 28, we will no longer be posting devotions on the website. This decision came about in a couple of ways:

1. Changes with the online software Feedburner (owned by Google), which provides the emails in which you receive the daily posts from the website, have made it impossible to access our current list of subscribers. We have no way of knowing who gets these emails anymore. We’ve updated the e-mail subscription software, but we still don’t know who’s subscribed to the old one. As it looks now, if you resubscribe, you’ll just get 2 emails, which is not ideal. You can always unsubscribe, but we still can’t tell who is on the list, which is problematic. (This email subscription list is different from the regular church email list that we keep updated weekly.)

2. Doing the devotions is extremely time-consuming for our Administrative Assistant, Whitney, and as her job description is changing a bit, it made sense to cut this out so she can focus on her other tasks.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience to you. I know folks have appreciated opening their email and having a devotion waiting for them. I would encourage you to visit these sites to supplement your prayer life:

Mission of St. Clare – Daily Office – This website is the most comprehensive site for daily devotions. You can do the entire Morning Prayer service, with all the readings, or you can find the shorter daily devotions like the ones we’ve been posting. In fact, much of what we posted was from this site.

Forward Day-By-Day – Many of you get the pamphlet version of this at church, but it’s also online with all the daily readings, prayers, and a devotional reflection. It’s another great resource to your prayer life.

We will continue to post news, schedules, and upcoming events, so you will still receive emails from us via Feedburner, unless you choose to unsubscribe.

Communications Chair Lynn Hall and I are discussing ways to best get information to the parish. Once we work out all the details, we will let everyone know and make sure everyone has access to all the benefits of our great website.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at