If you get to the corner of highway 116 and Mobley Road, you will see something happening!

For about 4 years now, St. Nicholas has been in the process of getting a new sign. The old sign was placed on one corner of the property and wasn’t easily viewable. Then, in November of 2011, a tornado came and took that old sign down. Luckily, we got some insurance money to use toward building a new one.

Soon after I arrived at St. Nicholas, a founding member, Isabel Emmerich died. She was such a sweet, dear soul, and was a great supporter of our church. When she died, she left some money to St. Nicholas, and her family wished that it would be used for a new sign.

Since then, the sign has been in the works. The major holdup in this project was that we decided we needed to have an entire master site plan before we put anything like a sign up. What if the site plan called for a different sign completely? It made sense to delay the project since we were thinking of the overall campus. I’m really glad we did that, but that’s why this project has been in the works for almost 4 years.


After our master site plan was complete, we could move forward on the sign project. We already had the money in hand. Thanks to the work of the former Strategic Planning Committee, and most recently the New Building Committee who took up the project from them, the sign is now finally underway!

Our hope is that the sign will be in place when Bishop Wright comes to kick-off our Lenten Series on February 19, at which point we’d like him to dedicate it. I hope all of you who remember Isabel will be there to honor her memory as well.

Today, the project finally kicked off with the slight grading of the hill. A few small bushes and trees had to come down, but this will only help our visibility. The sign itself is being pre-cast and once that’s finished, they will install it.

I will keep you all posted on the progress as it goes along!