Vestry 2013-3St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

Vestry Minutes

December 17, 2012, 6:30pm 

Members Present: Dave Halmrast, Larry Nordin,  Bill Caudill, Connie Blackmon, Sheila Dixon, Lynn Hall, Anne Simpson, Gene Demonet

Others Present: Jeff Jackson, Whitney Carter, David Walker

Those Absent: Heather Roper, Linda Sawyer

Dave opened the meeting with prayer.


  • 2013 Budget: Pledges did not meet our expected goals, therefore the budget was not balanced. After a lengthy discussion, the Vestry decided to wait and see if more pledges came in after Christmas, and then vote on the budget prior to Annual Meeting via e-mail. Also, there was discussion about using Lobsterfest profits in the 2013 budget.
  • Treasurer’s report: Gene produced the November financial statement.
  • Building Committee & Sign Update: Bill reported that the new sign would be under construction in the next few weeks by Mr. Bray’s company. The Committee is still working on the proposal to send back to Hank Houser. They would like to meet with Hank face-to-face to determine a way to move forward.
  • Capital Campaign Update: At the end of our campaign, we raised $412,540 in pledges. Sarah Matthews suggests we lie low through the rest of Advent and Christmas.
  • Vestry Nominations: Linda Sawyer has agreed to serve as Senior Warden for 2013. Junior Warden will be elected by the Vestry at the next meeting. At this point, Bert Tomlin and David Walker are still the only nominees.
  • Vestry Orientation/Retreat: Fr. Jeff said that the next Vestry Meeting will serve as orientation for the whole group as well as handling the month’s business. Our Vestry retreat is scheduled for April 26-28, place to be determined.
  • Rector’s Ministry Review: 

Fr. Jeff gave a response to the reviews he was given by the Vestry. They were overwhelmingly positive, with a few areas of growth:

  • Sunday morning announcements should be shorter.
  • There were a couple of comments about how Fr. Jeff has difficulty turning over decisions to others and is sometimes single-minded in his leadership.
  • Newcomers should be involved quicker.
  • Fr. Jeff is sometimes pushy and guilts people into getting what he wants.
  • Fr. Jeff is over-extended with his time.

The Vestry and Fr. Jeff discussed these areas as areas of growth for 2013. In addition, there was consensus about major accomplishments in the last year:

  • Shepherding the Building and Capital Campaign initiatives
  • Growth of the church
  • Vestry productivity
  • Community involvement

Some of the major goals the Vestry would like to see Fr. Jeff help accomplish this year include:

  • Moving forward with the building project
  • Continuing to grow the church
  • Vestry development
  • Community involvement
  • Youth/children’s ministry
  • Engaging new parishioners into the work of the church


  • The October & November minutes were accepted.
  • The nominees for Steward of the Month for

    February were Dave Halmrast, Anne Simpson, and Sheila Dixon for their 3 years of service on the Vestry. A motion was made and seconded and approved unanimously.

  • Larry mentioned cordoning off the area down by the playground for overflow parking at the Allen Levi concerts and Christmas Eve. Bill will check the GA Power light down there.
  • Next Vestry meeting will be on January 28, at 6:30pm.
  • Fr. Jeff closed the meeting with prayer.