Vestry 2013-3Vestry Minutes

January 28, 2013

6:30 PM

Present: Jeff Jackson, Lynn Hall, Bill Caudill, Connie Blackmon, David Walker, Heather Roper, Linda Sawyer, Bert Tomlin, Amy Nerone , Whitney Carter.

Opening Prayer: Fr. Jeff led us

in prayer.

Formation: Introductions

Information- Vestry Orientation

  • Mission & Vision: Fr. Jeff read over mission and vision to give a better understanding of St. Nicholas goals.
  • Questions from Vestry packets– The Vestry went over the packet.
  • Newsletter changes: Lynn Hall volunteered to do a weekly newsletter. The newsletter will be published on Wednesday of each week and will be posted on the website through the following week. Please send all information or announcements no later than Tuesday for publishing.
  • Rector’s Sabbatical Committee: A grant by the Lilly Endowment awards a person up to $50, 000 and you are given 2 chances to apply for the grant. The summer of 2015 will be Fr. Jeff target date for his sabbatical. He has chosen Amy Nerone, David Halmrast, David Johnson, Linda Sawyer, and Patty Grace to help write the grant. The first meeting will be January 29, 2013. Jeff stated he would like to be done with the new building by his sabbatical date.


  • Approval of December Minutes: Lynn motioned to accept. Bill seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.
  • CPA Firm transition: Dougherty, McKinnon, & Luby is the CPA firm St. Nicholas will be using. The CPA firm quoted an amount of $300 a month as payment. Bill suggested we check that the CPA firm is bonded. Vestry agreed that Gene, Linda, and Jeff discuss the bonding with CPA and if bonded, to let Gene, Jeff, and Linda to approve on using them. The CPA will have check issuing and payroll responsibilities. All check request forms will be turned into Whitney and then delivered to CPA firm. Bill motioned to accept and Bert second. Vestry Retreat, April 26-28, 2013: Chalet in Pine Mountain was chosen as destination for retreat. Bishop Whitmore will lead the retreat. Jeff stated he would check pricing.
  • 2013 Housing Resolution: The Vestry on the 28th day of January 2013, after discussing the amount to be paid to the Rev. Jeff Jackson as a housing allowance, on a motion duly made and seconded, adopted the following resolution: Whereas The Rev. Jeff Jackson is employed as a minister of the Gospel by St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, Hamilton, Georgia, which does not provide a residence for him, the Vestry resolves that of the total compensation to be paid the Rev. Jeff Jackson during 2013 that $33,000 be designated a housing allowance within the meaning of that term as used in Section 107 of the RRS Code of 1986.
  • Junior Warden Election: Lynn Hall was elected by acclamation as the 2013 Junior Warden. Steward of the Month: Dorothy Webster was chosen for her six years of service as Financial Administrator. Linda will write up the column for the newsletter.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Gene was not present but gave the following report via email: “The expense side of the 2012 closing looks OK but we need to resolve the realized pledge income number. Dorothy and I identified about $6,000 that will not be coming in, but that leavesabout $14,000 to be determined.”
  • Other business: Via email on February 6, the following motion was made by Bill Caudill regarding the approval of new check signers: “I move that the Vestry remove the name of Dave Halmrast from our checking account list, and that we would like to add Barbara Walker, Linda Sawyer and Dorothy Webster to our check signing accounts. ” The motion was seconded by Heather Roper. The motion passed.


Next Vestry Meeting: February 25, 2013, new time agreed upon 6:00 PM.

Prayer & Dismissal: 8:05 PM