Allen Levi and Pierce Pettis

If you haven’t been to one of the Second Saturday events at St. Nicholas, you really are missing out. We have been so blessed to open our doors and allow such incredible musicians to come and play in these last 5 months. Every time I attend, I am inspired.

The Second Saturdays are not “St. Nicholas events” per se, but are community events hosted by Allen Levi at St. Nicholas. They have been extremely successful, selling out weeks ahead of time and packing our building with 160-170 participants each month. It has been a gift to us that we have this opportunity to allow our space to be used in our community for a purpose like this.

Some folks have asked what St. Nicholas is making off of these concerts. It’s a fair question. We don’t charge for the use of our building. We give it freely to be used by our community because that’s part of Christ’s hospitality. One part of our mission is to “be supportive of our community and engaged in our community,” and our vision is to be the “center of nourishment in mind, body, & spirit for all people in our community” and we are doing that by allowing Allen to have these concerts here.

But what we do get is lots of people who now know who we are and what we value. Some may not ever walk through our doors on Sunday morning, but they know that this is a place that loves music and is a safe place to come and feel included. Every time we’ve done these concerts, I’m amazed by how many people come up and shower me with gratitude. We are meeting a need here in Harris County. Allen is gracious enough to let me plug our Sunday services and perhaps we’ll see some folks make their way to us. But the point is hospitality, no matter what we may or may not get in return.

If you haven’t been able to come, here are two videos from the last one, of Allen Levi singing “Big Truck Blues,” and Pierce Pettis singing “Talk Memphis.”