Vestry 2013-3



St. Nicolas Episcopal Church

Vestry Meeting

February 25, 2013, 6:00 pm




Father Jeff Jackson
Connie Blackmon
Bert Tomlin
David Walker
Bill Caudill
Gene Demonet
Linda Sawyer


Not attending:

Lynn Hall
Heather Roper
Larry Nordin


Father Jeff opened the meeting with a Celtic hymn that was also a prayer.

Linda Sawyer will serve as recording secretary for the vestry and Bert Tomlin was elected the secretary of the vestry.




  • Building Update – The building committee will be meeting with Hank Houser Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 3:30. Hopefully an agreement on the proposal will be finalized and a timeline will be made. It may be necessary to have a called meeting, between services this Sunday, of the vestry. Gene will work on a cash flow plan when he gets the necessary records from the capital campaign.


  • Sabbatical Committee Update – The committee has met twice. They are working to write an appeal to the Lilly Foundation for grant money. This needs to be done by April. They are also working on a presentation to the congregation explaining the process of a sabbatical for Father Jeff and what it means to St. Nicholas.


  • Breakfast – Heather overhead someone wondering out loud “where the money goes that is contributed to breakfast and that they had decreased their pledge to pay for all the extra things they put money out for.” Father Jeff expressed concern that this was a sentiment shared by more than one person and might have underlying currents.  Linda reported that money contributed towards breakfast is put back into parish life budget so we can purchase things like coffee pots and staples like cream and sugar, etc. Linda said there might be some misunderstanding as we did offer to reimburse people for the cost of buying things for breakfast but Father Jeff was not aware of that and told someone, we could not. Discussion ensued about the fact that many parishioners do so much extra in providing food on all occasions. Also that it might be a financial burden on some who really would like to help with meals. Connie Blackmon offered to periodically put breakfast items in the freezer for breakfast cookers to use. Bert will also purchase some items to put in the freezer. Linda and Katherine will purchase items like frozen orange juice to put in the freezer. Katherine Johnson and Linda will promote the idea that breakfast can be very simple, juice, coffee, and breakfast breads in order to promote participation by more people and limit the cost to them.


  • Allen Levi concert – Questions have been raised by some in the congregation about whether or not we are receiving any reimbursement for the use of our building for the concerts. There was also a question of the price of tickets. Father Jeff responded that Allen wished to do something musically for Harris County. He is not making money from the concerts because he pays the musicians what they take in. Questions arose about

    charging a small fee for the use of the building. Father Jeff said Allen would have to raise the price of tickets and they want this to be a gift to the community and not priced out of their reach. Agreement was made that our cleaning service will be scheduled close to the second Sunday as the bathrooms see more traffic. Allen will not be doing concerts in May, June, July or August but will start back in September.


  • The vestry approved the minutes from the January meeting.


  • CPA Transition – The vestry approved the $450.00 monthly fee for the accounting firm with the stipulation that we would check into how contributions would be reported. Connie would prefer that they use our current ACS system to do that portion if at all possible. Gene will try to get our accounting into the hands of the accounting firm by March but has some financial statement errors to reconcile with Dorothy’s help before he does that.


  • Steward of the month – The Lenten Series committee was nominated and voted to be stewards of the month for March.


  • Treasurer’s report – Gene reported that we are in sound financial shape and reviewed the financial statement with the vestry.


  • Lay Eucharistic Visitors – Gabe Clouser proposed to the Pastoral Care Committee that we train people for doing home visits if necessary and perhaps visiting nursing homes or prisons. The vestry agreed this sounds like a good idea. Training will take place in April.


Next meeting will be March 18 at 6:00 p.m.

Father Jeff closed the meeting with a prayer.