Children’s Christian Education Classes Begin Sunday, August 18!

Christian education for children (Sunday School) runs from 9:45-10:45 each Sunday morning, beginning the 18th. This year, teachers are serving in teams; there will be two teachers leading every class! We are also excited about our new curriculum, Weaving God’s Promises (WGP).

WGP is a comprehensive, three-year Christian education curriculum developed and written exclusively for the Episcopal Church. We are beginning with Year One: Weaving Our Faith. During this year children will learn the story of our salvation and our story from the fall of humankind to our redemption by Jesus Christ and how we fit into this story. The theme of Year One is God loves us and stays with us—no matter what—to bring us back to God’s divine love.

Each year covers stories from the Old Testament in the fall, New Testament following Epiphany, and includes lessons appropriate to special days (e.g. St. Francis), and the season (e.g. Advent).

Make sure your children are part of Weaving God’s Promises this year!


Amy Buchanan

Vestry Liaison, Children’s Ministries


2013-2014 Children’s Christian Education Teachers:

  • Andy Butzon
  • Amy Buchanan
  • Sharon Crowder
  • Scott Crowley
  • Sheila Dixon
  • Beth Evans
  • Victoria Hankins
  • Diane Hinnant
  • Graham Horne
  • Peggy Martin