Need Counseling?
St. Nicholas has partnered with the Pastoral Institute to provide support for individuals and families when the stressors of life appear to have the upper hand through the Covenant Congregation Program (CCP). We encourage church members to take advantage of the counseling made available through this program, as needed. The Pastoral Institute offers counseling in numerous areas, whether it’s work, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, relationship issues and more. They also offer help with child and adolescent issues including social skills needs, learning problems, coping with loss, divorce or military deployment, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD and more. This is a confidential benefit, available to you by contacting the PI at 706-649-6500. Inform them that you attend St. Nicholas and you would like to use your CCP benefit to see a counselor. You are provided 12 individual sessions or 6 couple/family visits per year for only $25 per visit. We seek to be a strong advocate for good mental health, strong marriages, healthy family life, and creative parenting. If you have questions, contact Father Jeff.