Many thanks to everyone who completed our Communications Survey! Below are the results to show you what you all had to say. Thirty-two households responded to the survey, which is about a third of the congregation.

Question 1: How do you receive news from St. Nicholas?

Comm Survey Q1The overwhelming majority of responses indicate that they get their St. Nicholas news from the weekly E-newsletter or from e-mails, but many get their news from the bulletin or announcements (which requires them to be in church). The Facebook page is the least used form of communication, probably because not everyone uses Facebook. Other comments included that in addition, people get their news from St. Nicholas via Twitter, the Harris County Journal, and Vestry announcements.

Question 2: How satisfied are you with receiving news from St. Nicholas?

Comm Survey Q2


The overwhelming majority are “Very Satisfied” with our communications. Only one respondent indicated they were “neutral,” and no one indicated any dissatisfaction. The only comment under this question was about the timeliness of the Volunteer schedule and the need to have it put out well in advance.

Question 3: How often would you prefer to receive the Spirit of St. Nicholas e-newsletter?

Comm Survey Q3A little over half of the respondents said they would like to receive the e-newsletter weekly. A quarter said they preferred bi-weekly. Only 15.63% said monthly.

Question 4: What do you enjoy reading in the Spirit of St. Nicholas Newsletter?

Comm Survey Q4Many things were popular in the e-newsletter. At the top of the list were Upcoming Events, This Week at St. Nick, and the Volunteer Schedule. Also significant features are the Hiking Priest (Fr. Jeff’s blog), Prayers, Photos, and Birthdays/Anniversaries.

Question 5: Is there something you would like to see or not see in the newsletter?

Seventeen of the 32 respondents said “no” or “not sure” or “good as is.” Features that people enjoyed seeing in the newsletter included:

  • Who is sick and who has had a life event (death, birth, wedding, etc.) (3 comments)
  • Achievements of parishioners/children (3 comments)

Suggestions included:

  • I think it would be fun to read about different people/families to learn more about them.
  • Volunteers set up as far in advance as possible for better planning (5 comments)
  • More in-depth financial information
  • More personal articles written by Church members.
  • Would not like to see same item in 3 or 4 communications from church.
  • More photos

Question 6: What features do you like and/or use on the St. Nicholas website?

Comm Survey Q6


The Church Calendar was used most on the website by respondents, followed by the Church directory and the Volunteer Schedule. One respondent commented that they used the former Daily Devotions. Three respondents indicated that they rarely or occasionally used the website.

Question 7: Is there something missing from the website that you would like to see?

Twenty-nine out of 32 respondents said “no.” Comments included that they would like to see a better calendar, more kid things, and other sign-ups for flowers, SNICK, breakfast, etc.

Question 8: Are there other ways of communication that St. Nicholas needs to explore? Please offer your suggestions.

Twenty-six out of 32 respondents said “no,” or they didn’t offer suggestions. Suggestions included:

  • Include more of what we do in the Harris County Journal.
  • Personal phone calls and visitation
  • More information about new members
  • Texting (2 comments)
  • Encourage parishioners to use the online church directory

Question 9: Do you have an interest in helping St. Nicholas communicate better?

Of the 32 households, only 3 indicated an interest in helping with our communications. One said “possibly.”

Communications at St. Nicholas are in really good shape. Responses were overwhelmingly positive, with many good suggestions on things we can strengthen. The most common response was concerning the volunteer schedule, which has already been addressed. The current scheduler’s life has gotten much busier this year, and has already found a new person to do the schedules for 2014.

The biggest challenge moving forward seems to lie in Question 9. While many people enjoy our communications, few would like to help make communications possible. Our communications leader has been Lynn Hall for the last couple of years, and as you can tell in this survey, she has done an AMAZING job. She will be rotating off the Vestry at the end of this year, and would like to take a break from the duties of communications. If we hope to keep our communications at the level they are, or adding things such as articles about newcomers and life achievements, then we will need dedicated writers and communicators to help us.