Vestry Nominations: It is time again to praise the wonderful works of three outgoing vestry members: Linda Sawyer, Lynn Hall, and Connie Blackmon.  Their time with the Vestry has been filled with many opportunities to serve our Lord and they have utilized and exceeded their gifts.  The church is grateful that they have led us into a new phase for growth.  Now is the time for all members to pray for new spiritual leaders to come forth and continue what God has done for St. Nicholas.  The present Vestry is very excited about what lies before us.  Fortunately, we have many qualified spiritual leaders within our ranks that we can call upon.  Some have been with us for years and have exercised their gifts and we have some new members that have the same gift of spiritual leadership.  Please pray earnestly and ask the Lord if He is speaking to you.  The Vestry now meets once a month after church service on Sunday.  If you would like to nominate someone or yourself, please contact Nominating Committee members Linda Sawyer or Bob Hamilton by December 6th (St Nicholas Day). New Vestry members will be elected on January 12.