Ministry at St. Nicholas takes many forms. There is much to be done to grow the Kingdom of God, and we are blessed to have a congregation full of gifted people to help this happen. Over the years, the leadership has found that there are  10 primary areas of ministry at St. Nicholas:

Adult Formation
Children & Youth Formation
Buildings & Grounds
Parish Life
Pastoral Care
Financial Stewardship

In a small parish, it tends to fall to the Rector and Vestry to make sure these ministries happen. As St. Nicholas has grown over the years, we have needed to establish small groups of people to use their unique gifts to oversee these ministries. Call them committees…call them ministry teams…call them whatever you prefer, but we find that doing ministry in groups really accomplishes a great deal.

First, committees of the church ensure that these vital ministries are done in community. Jesus sent the disciples out in small groups to proclaim the Gospel. This was to build their bonds as disciples with one another, but also to support one another from when ministry doesn’t always go as planned.

Second, committees help the parish get to know one another better. When you’re engaged in these ministries, relationships are built. You see each other more than just on Sunday mornings. The congregation becomes closer together as more relationships are built through the committees.

Finally, committees ensure that the ministry of lay people remains the primary form of ministry. The Catechism in the Book of Common Prayer tells us that the ministers of the church are lay people, bishops, priest, and deacons. Lay people are the first in line! By virtue of your baptism, you are ordained to ministry. No other qualifications are needed. Serving on a committee, helping the church make important decisions, and then seeing those plans to fruition can be the fulfillment of your baptized ministry.

Committees need not be boring. In fact, let’s make sure they’re not! Committees can meet over lunch, coffee, or dinner. They don’t have to follow “Roberts Rules of Order.” They can, and should, include elements of Christian formation (via Bible Study, prayer, or devotion), fellowship, pastoral support (checking in with each other), and frequent discussion of the mission set before you. Committees don’t need to meet every week, or month even, but as often as it takes to do what needs to be done.

This year, we have a fantastic group of committee chairs. Many are new to running their respective committees. All of them are passionate about the areas of ministry in which they serve. If you have questions regarding these ministries or feel God calling you to serve in any of these areas, please contact the committee chairs.

The Worship Committee, chaired by Bert Tomlin, is made up all the service volunteer chairs, like the Altar Guild, Flower Guild, Acolytes, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers, and Readers, along with our music director Sam Roney. This group helps Father Jeff plan services, as well as recruitment of volunteers for the various forms of service in worship. You can contact Bert at

The Adult Formation Committee, chaired by Bob Hamilton, plans for the opportunities for adults in the parish to grow spiritually, through classes, outings, and events. They plan the Adult Forums on Sundays as well as get speakers for annual events like the Lenten Series. They also encourage other small groups, like the Men’s Group, to meet regularly. You can contact Bob at

The Children & Youth Committee, co-chaired by Rebecca Crowley and Sheila Dixon, plans for all the children’s programs of the year, making our church kid-friendly in every aspect. This includes the recruitment and implementation of Sunday School, as well as annual events like Trunk or Treat and Vacation Bible School. They also help Father Jeff and Molly with SNICK. Contact Rebecca at and Sheila at

Buildings & Grounds covers the stewardship of the gift of our campus, in maintaining and furthering the building and grounds we have, and keeping them beautiful and in good working order. It also includes the planning of our upcoming building. The Building Committee is chaired by Phebe Robertson, whom you can contact at, and the Grounds Committee is now chaired by Bruce Clouser, whom you can contact at

The Communications Committee works on the various ways we communication within and outside the congregation, including our website, our weekly newsletter, and any marketing we do. Susan Batastini is the new chair of Communications and can be reached at

The Hospitality Committee ensures that St. Nicholas is a warm and inviting place for all people from the moment they step into the door. They recruit Greeters to stand with Father Jeff before each of the services so that guests are welcomed and integrated into the parish. Patty Hamilton is the new chair of Hospitality and can be reached at

The Outreach Committee makes sure that the needs of the community and world are in front of us so that we can respond to them. They work with existing organizations like FOCUS, CVEM, the Humane Society, and others, as well as planning activities of mission and service for St. Nicholas. Gabe Clouser is the new Outreach Committee chair and can be contacted at

The Parish Life Committee oversees all the events that bring us together to build relationships and fellowship with one another. They make sure that we, as a parish, have fun and celebrate! They plan the big meals and events that we have from Mardi Gras to the Parish Picnic at Blue Springs. They also help maintain our kitchen supplies. Linda Sawyer is the chair of Parish Life and can be reached at hogback@wavetel.usThe Lobsterfest Committee is also connected to this one, which plans our biggest fundraiser of the year. This year’s Lobsterfest chair is Susan Batastini who can be reached at

The Pastoral Care Committee makes sure that all of the people of St. Nicholas are cared for in times of need. They take meals to those who are sick, make prayer blankets or prayer bears, oversee the Lay Eucharistic Visitors who take communion, or simply call folks to check in with them. They work in tandem with Father Jeff to provide pastoral care to everyone. Katherine Johnson is the chair of Pastoral Care and can be contacted at

Finally, we have the Financial Stewardship Committee. This is the joining of two former committees: Finance and Stewardship. Chaired by Treasurer Connie Blackmon, this committee looks at the finances of the church and makes sure that we continue to be good stewards of God’s money. They also organize the annual fund campaign. You can contact Connie at

With these groups of ministers doing their jobs, the Rector and Vestry can focus on the spiritual leadership of the church, especially in envisioning future plans, caring for the overall needs of the church, and supporting the committees with resources they need to fulfill their ministries. Vestry members will serve as liaisons on the committees to bring any needs from the committees back to the Vestry to discuss. If anyone has any questions for the Vestry, they can contact the Senior Warden, Bill Caudill, at

Together we are the Body of Christ, doing his work in the world!