Vestry Minutes
February 23, 2014

In attendance: Father Jeff Jackson, Amy Buchanan, Bill Caudill, Sheri Cody, Bob Hamilton, Katherine Johnson, Nick Simpson, Bert Tomlin and David Walker. Others present: Connie Blackmon and Patty Hamilton. Absent was Scott Crowley. 

Bob Hamilton opened the meeting with prayer. Father Jeff then asked the vestry to consider the question: What is the role of the vestry in God’s building? Discussion followed with varied answers and conversation. The vestry talked about having a monthly breakfast between services, themed to various topics such as hospitality.  Jeff asked the vestry to reflect further on the question.

 Information regarding the March vestry retreat was presented. Earl Nichols and John Adams will lead the sessions. Each vestry member will pay their own expenses. Father Jeff then invited the vestry to take part in the March 8 Ministry Summit at the Cathedral. Those attending will carpool.

 The vestry discussed the need to find someone to take over the bulletin making operation from Pat Demonet and whether or not to make changes in the bulletin. The vestry explored different ways to streamline the process and to cut the length of the bulletin. It was the consensus of the vestry to drop the printed hymn lyrics from the bulletin and to use the hymnal during Lent on a trial basis. Father Jeff will develop a template and will speak with the Parish Administrator about taking on the job.

 Connie Blackmon presented the proposed 2014 budget that includes a 5% pay raise for Father Jeff and for Sam Roney. Amy Buchanan moved that the pay raise be granted. After a second, the motion carried. The motion was further amended by a motion from Sheri Cody that the raises be retroactive to January 1, 2014. After a second, the motion carried. Bob Hamilton then moved that the proposed budget be approved. After a second, the motion was duly carried.

 Bill Caudill offered the Construction Loan Status report. The project cost to complete will be $760,540. After subtracting raised and allocated funds, the long term construction loan will be $187,446. The interest on the loan will be 5.75% and will extend until October, 2015. Bert Tomlin moved and David Walker seconded the motion to approve the Construction Loan. The motion was approved by the vestry.

 Bill asked the vestry to approve moving allocated funds from CB&T to First People’s Bank. David Walker made a motion to move the funds and after a second, the motion carried.

 The Building Committee was named the Steward of the Month for February and Connie Blackmon steward for March.

 The next Vestry meeting will be at our Camp McDowell retreat.

 After prayer, the meeting was adjourned.

 Patty Hamilton