Vestry Meeting-April 27, 2014

In attendance: Father Jeff Jackson, Scott Crowley, Nick Simpson, David Walker, Bert Tomlin, Katherine Johnson, Bill Caudill, Bob Hamilton, Sam Roney and Patty Hamilton.

Scott Crowley opened the meeting with prayer. The open vestry position was discussed. According to Bert Tomlin, Phebe Robertson is considering taking the post.

Katherine Johnson and David Walker presented the Sabbatical committee report. They have been identifying what the needs of the parish will be, such as interim priest, ongoing programs, and ways to engage the parish with the Jacksons while they are gone.

Bill Caudill reported for the Building committee. Carolyn Cox has asked that the monies in Tony’s memorial fund be used in the new kitchen. That, along with increased 4th year pledge amounts and a cost reduction will make it possible to put back previously cut cabinetry in various areas throughout the new construction. The committee requests that the vestry approve $18,393 for these re-instatements. Scott Crowley moved that the monies be approved. Bob Hamilton seconded and the motion carried. A conversation regarding plaques honoring donors ensued. It was agreed that the Building Committee should examine this issued and suggest a policy to the vestry.

Bert Tomlin opened discussion about the noise level in the narthex before worship services. Father Jeff will write an article for the newsletter, explaining the concept of Holy Silence. Bert will continue to speak with committee heads to pass along the need for quiet.

Katherine Johnson gave details of the recent Parish Life committee meeting. They reviewed the recent Lenten Series dinners and have recommended that luncheon meetings be tried next year. Katherine also asked that the donations taken up for the dinners be deposited to Parish Life funds. The committee also asked for vestry approval to hold a Parish Life Celebration on May 11. The celebration will recognize newcomers, teachers, ushers, new babies and other volunteers.

Steward of the Month for April are Jeff Cody and Bruce Clouser. The stewards for May will be the SNICK mentors – Abbey Crowley, Hannah Huling, Garrett Cypert and Grace Metsinger along with Linda Sawyer for her work on the Lenten dinners.

In the absence of Connie Blackmon, Nick Simpson went over the financials.

Bill Caudill brought up a concern regarding Sam Roney’s contract. The contract reads that Sam shall be paid a specified amount designated travel allowance and other expenses. It has been brought to the vestry’s attention that only a portion of the allowance has been paid for the past 4 years. A check for the 2013 underpayment has been issued. The vestry was asked to identify the unpaid amounts for 2010-2012 and to pay the sum to Sam. Bob Hamilton moved that the vestry make the pay adjustments and modify the contract agreement so that it is not so ambiguous. Bill Caudill seconded and the motion carried.

Under other business, Scott Crowley reminded the vestry of the list they had asked Father Jeff to compile of the tasks that he performs. The vestry agreed to study the list and discuss at the next meeting what tasks can be handed to others.

The next meeting will be May 25. Sheri Cody will bring lunch and Katherine Johnson will open with prayer.

The meeting adjourned with prayer.

Patty Hamilton