St. Nicholas’ newly-formed writing group will meet on Sunday, June 8th at 9:45 a.m. in the Sunday School room.

We will discuss the initiation stage of the Hero’s Journey as it is described in various handouts, our understanding of what it might mean in our own lives, and how we would approach writing about it.

The Hero’s Journey is a template of sorts that can be remodeled to fit almost anyone’s life and almost any situation. There are even feminist versions and spiritual quest models. If you have ever longed to unleash the writer in you (and everyone has such a being), we welcome you to our hospitable group of warriors! You will find folks just like you, from those who think they have nothing to say to those who overflow with creative output, from those who have little confidence in their ability to those who yearn to be the next Dickens or Steinbeck (no shots at Shakespeare yet).

In short, we are here to welcome and include everyone. No critiques given unless you request them. We offer encouragement in abundance, good fellowship, shoulders to cry on, and always, honor to the Creation in all its infinite variety.

Materials will be given to newcomers. Please bring something to write on and with. The group will meet once a month during the summer and will continue for the rest of the year.