The Annual Meeting of Saint Nicholas Episcopal Church was held January 11, 2014. Father Jeff Jackson presided and opened with prayer.

Father Jeff presented the following resolution: Whereas Bill Caudill served 3 years on the Vestry as Buildings and Ground liaison, and as Senior Warden, serving as a critical liaison between the parish and the contractor and architect during construction of the new building, and Whereas Bob Hamilton fulfilled a vacant half term on the Vestry as Adult Formation chair and liaison, and Whereas Scott Crowley fulfilled a vacant half term on the Vestry as Stewardship chair and liaison for Children & Youth ministries, and Whereas Amy Buchanan served a half term on the Vestry as liaison for Children & Youth ministries, and Whereas Bob Hamilton and Nick Simpson represented St. Nicholas at the Diocese of Atlanta’s Annual Council, and Whereas Rebecca Crowley and Sheila Dixon co-chaired the Children’s Formation Committee, and Whereas Phebe Robertson chaired the Building Committee during construction, and Whereas Susan Batastini chaired the Communications Committee and published the weekly Spirit of St. Nicholas newsletter, and Whereas Gabe and Bruce Clouser chaired the Outreach and Grounds committees, respectively, and Whereas Josh Cave served as parish scheduler, and Whereas Linda Sawyer chaired our Parish Life events, and Whereas Diane Hinnant chaired the Flower Guild for two years, and Whereas Steve Morse chaired the 2014 Lobsterfest fundraiser, and Be it resolved that the Rector, Vestry, and congregation of St. Nicholas Episcopal Church give our most sincere gratitude and love to these individuals for their service to Christ and his Church.
Motion was made and seconded to pass the resolution.
Outgoing vestry members Bill Caudill and Scott Crowley were presented with Saint Nicholas icons in appreciation of their service.
Father Jeff announced that Ed Cooling has been appointed by the vestry to fill Amy Nerone’s remaining term. The current vestry consists of Bert Tomlin, David Walker, Katherine Johnson, Nick Simpson and Sheri Cody.
The slate of nominees for vestry was presented. They are Kin Brown, Bob Hamilton, Phebe Robertson and Rebecca Crowley. After hearing no nominations from the floor and after a motion duly made and seconded, the slate was elected.
Father Jeff announced the appointment of Katherine Johnson as Senior Warden for 2015. Bill Caudill presented Katherine with a cross that was a gift from John McEachern to then Senior Warden Sue Halmrast in 2008. The cross has been passed to each Senior Warden since that time.
Connie Blackmon has agreed to continue as Treasurer for 2015. It was announced that our accounting will be brought back in-house and new software has been purchased for that end. The vestry is currently looking for a bookkeeper to implement this.
The following committee appointments were announced: Beth Evans, Children’s Ministries; Patty Hamilton, Hospitality; Lou Baker, Outreach, Lynn Hall, Parish Life; Katherine Johnson, Pastoral Care; Bert Tomlin, Worship; Bob Hamilton, Adult Formation; Bill Caudill, Building and Grounds; and Connie Blackmon, Financial Stewardship. Our Administrative Assistant, Theresa Dorminy will take over scheduling and the newsletter.
The 2015 deficit budget was discussed. The Financial and Stewardship committee will be looking into a different stewardship campaign for this year.
Father Jeff reminded the parish that he will be on sabbatical this year from May until early August. His last Sunday will be May 3. He asked that parishioners support each other and the church mainly by being present. The vestry and the rector continue to work on programs to implement during his absence.
Questions and discussions from the floor were heard.
With no other business before the parish, the meeting was adjourned.