During the fall, we conducted town hall meetings and a survey to identify and prioritize current and future works that will fulfill our vision over the next three years. Comments clustered into the following areas:
1. Growing our child/youth programming
2. Creating spiritual growth groups
3. Establishing fellowship groups
4. Enhancing/Increasing our outreach to the community
5. Getting the word out about us and drawing the community to us

Numerous ideas were offered in each of the five areas, which the survey helped prioritize.

The survey results were discussed in the February vestry meeting. Our plan is for each committee to review and discuss the survey results and include in their goals/plans those initiatives that impact their committee’s area of responsibility.  The committees will report back to the vestry which initiatives they will address this year.

You proposed such a wonderful variety of ideas that our church committees will be considering for implementation!  If you had an idea that you are willing to help bring to fruition, please let the committee chair know so they can make sure it is included in the year’s plan.

If you would like to see the actual survey results, I have provided them.  For each of the five questions, there is a bar graph so you can see which ideas garnered the most support. Under the graph, each idea is listed with the actual percent of votes that it received.


If you have questions or thoughts, please let me know.  Sincerely, Sheri Cody