My Virtual Choir by John Winsness

What we write is a window into our lives – sometimes, our very personal lives.

I think that the greatest accomplishment of this group is that we have become like Eric Whitaker’s “Virtual Choir. “


My Virtual Choir

John H. Winsness

You are my friends
You are my virtual choir
We sing together every day
For I have collected all your poems
And I will read them all again today

Our poems are the music of our lives
As we raise our voices and together we do sing
each a harmony we together bring
Made up of poems like songs that we together sing

Each sings his part
We have become a virtual choir
Our lives are joined as we together sing
The words that from each of us do spring

Our poetry is more than words we share
A common thread which unites me and you
And I am blessed to know all of you

Inspired by Eric Whitacre and the Virtual Choir