March 1 for Gabe Clouser

Rising from the Dead by Gabe Clouser

Romans 6:12 “Offer yourselves to God as men who have come back from the dead to life.”

Can you imagine dying and coming back from the dead? Leaving everyone that you hold dear to grieve the loss, never seeing your dreams come to fruition, everything gone in an instant. Even thinking about the simple things that you would miss: your favorite book, maybe a television show and breaking bread with loved ones.

Your dog, wagging his tail in joyful greeting or laying his head on your lap and gazing at you with loving eyes, knowing you need comfort. A newborn baby’s cry, laughter of children playing in the summer twilight, chasing fireflies. The aroma of jasmine drifting on the air. Beautiful sunsets, music to fill your heart and soul with joy as you worship your creator. Casting a line out to fish, feeling the tug on the line and landing a big one! Hunting, camping, swimming in cool refreshing water…all gone in an instant, you are dead.

We have all read about near death experiences. Hovering over one’s own body, seeing the activity surrounding you, with people talking, moving, doing, while you cannot participate. Then ZAP–suddenly you are back in your body, given a second chance.

How would you respond if you came back from the dead? Would you do what God expects of Christians? Would you live your life searching and reaching out to be Christlike? We may never get a second chance, so as we are admonished in Romans 6:12, “to offer ourselves to God as men who have come back from the dead”, why not start now, in this one life?