Pyrus-Manchurian-Pear-leaves2Lent is the season of contemplation – a time to think, to notice

by John Winsness

This fall, while walking by my old pear tree I noticed something – the leaves in the pear tree had fallen and, much to my surprise all the leaves had fallen with their face down. I bent down and turned each leaf over – all the leaves from the same tree were painted differently on the downward facing side.

Is there a message?

“The Greatest Artist” God by John H. Winsness

Paintings capture an image
Images often seen by the artist alone
transferred to a canvas
often the artist is unknown

Who is the greatest artist?
Is it Picasso, Rembrandt, or Michael Angelo?
Or is it simply Nature
that is the greatest artist of them all?

Nature uses seasons
From winter, spring, to summer and now to fall
Neither of the seasons is the best of all

In Fall,
The trees are full of color
Many leaves have fallen from the old pear tree
Funny how they all are laying with their faces’ down upon the ground
Silently they lie there
Waiting for someone to turn them all around

I started turning over each leaf
And much to my surprise
Each leaf was painted differently
On the downward facing side

No two leaves were painted alike
There were vast differences to be seen
When the leaves were turned over
Their faces could again be seen

It is as if the artist wanted Us to make an effort
when the leaves fall to the ground
They are only noticed by those of us
Who stoop
and turn the leaves around.

I think that God was the artist
That painted the leaves on my old pear tree
His beauty is only for the inquiring hearts to see

For those of us who are artist, writers, or poets too
God’s pictures are only seen by me and you

Wilson Alwyn Bentley of Vermont was called the snowflake man. Bentley photographed snowflakes under magnification. Bentley discovered that no two snowflakes were the same.

God was the artist there too.
It took a fellow artist to see the snowflake too.

There are two ( 2 ) messages that God sends us.

1). How often does God send us a message and we either do not see or hear the message?

Few people notice that broad leaves that fall from a tree land face down and fewer stoop down to turn the leaves over. When we turn the leaves over, we notice that all the leaves from the same tree are painted differently.
All peoples of the world fall from the same tree – we are all painted differently.

2). Jesus asks the Samaritan woman at the well to draw him some water. The Samaritan woman asks Jesus why a Jew would talk to a Samaritan. Jesus explains that his message is for the whole world.

People are like the leaves that have fallen from my old pear tree. All the leaves are painted differently. Jesus calls for us to stoop down and turn the leaves over.