palm-sundaySymbols of Lent and Easter by John Winsness

People like symbols. We use symbols, not as idols to be worshiped, but as reminders. There is the cross, which hangs in all churches. We do not worship the cross – the cross is a reminder.

At the season of Lent and Easter we have the Easter Lilly. The white trumpet flower reminds us of the musical instrument. At Easter we have a trumpeter that sounds to declare the triumph of Jesus over the grave.

Nature provides us with a plant that we have called the “Resurrection Fern“. We have given this plant the name Resurrection Fern because the plant, during dry weather will appear to die, but will “resurrect” and come back to life during the next rain storm.

“Resurrection Fern”

John H. Winsness

The Oak trees on St. Simons Island
Have Resurrection Ferns that grow on every tree
In moist and rainy weather
The Resurrection Fern is green and alive for all to see

When the weather dries,
They turn brown and hang limp upon each the tree
Much like Christ did on Calvary

How sad to see them die
They were here for far too short a time
When the evening rains do fall
much to our surprise
In the morning they will be alive
As if they never died

They are alive again
And they will stay with us for a little while
Until the weather once again turns dry
and they will wither once again
And appear to die.