tracks-snow-318845“Foot Prints in the Snow” by John H. Winsness

The point of the poem “Foot Prints in the Snow” is the “Joy” that I felt when I noticed the footprints in the snow. There was pure joy because God had sent me a message. The message was that I do not walk the woods of life alone.

David Johnson’ recently published a book of poems titled “On Becoming.” David makes a beautiful statement (page 73 – “Excess”) that says this best:

“Don’t pull your life as if
it were a heavy wagon and
you the only horse.”

“Footprints in the Snow”

John H. Winsness

I daily walked the woods and fields
thinking that I am alone
Today I discovered
that others also make this land their home

“It snowed last night.”
Footprints are everywhere to be seen
Left by those who walk the woods and fields at night
Darkness allows them all to travel out of sight

There are two worlds
One of night and one of day
The snow today would betray
Those two worlds cross paths every day

I am an animal of the day
The only track I do make
the footprint that I leave behind
Bent grass
Or leaves disturbed do betray
That I have also passed this way

Creatures of the night are hardly ever seen
Deer, fox, rabbits, and an armadillos’ too
Footprints in the Snow are the only clue
They share this land with you

Just walk the woods on a snowy winter day
And you will see footprints of those who also pass this way

One at night
and one by day


Three crows just landed in the yard.

They are black and stand out in the snow.

They have found the food that I have left and they cannot believe their eyes – so much food!

They eat, and warily they look around – such bounty in a time of scarcity.
Surely something is wrong – for this is more food than they have ever seen.

I think that I have made their day – I know that they have made mine.

I thank the snow for coming.

The snow has brightened the dark and dreary days.