The Outreach Committee is busy planning more activities to support the project, BackPack Snacks. Along with three other Harris County Churches, St. Nicholas will be providing nutritional, easy to prepare meals for school children whose meal times are uncertain on the weekends. We will be packing six meals into back packs for four children chosen for the program by the counselor at Park Elementary School.  The Vestry has voted to give $300 seed money for this program, but your donations are needed to make it a success.

Before the planned October 25 fund raiser, more donations are needed to provide meals for four back packs seven times. Donations can be made monetarily by checks made out to St. Nicholas with the notation Back Pack Snacks on the memo line, or food articles can be brought to the church and will be collected and distributed. More breakfast foods are currently needed. Suggestions are small bags or boxes of cereal, individual packets of macaroni and cheese, individual small cans of fruit, granola bars, peanut butter, crackers, pop tarts, individual flavored rice and beef sticks.

Watch for more information about the fund raiser on October 25th, and continue to bring donations as this is an on-going project.