Find Your Sacred Space



Many people go to church on Sunday, but do you ever feel like the rest of the week just crowds in–and crowds time for God out (whether or not you find your way to church on the weekend)? It has often been said that prayer is to the soul what breath is to the body … and yet it is so easy to move it to a back burner until life’s hectic business slows down. Heaven knows I’ve been there — over and over again. Some of us look back with regret on times when we found more time to “be still” and be with God — and many of us have never been good at that in the first place. If only there were some simple way to create space to be with God, that anyone could do whether or not they are “good” at praying!




We’ve created this page so that you can find your “sacred space” in the hectic rush of life’s business. We hope that it will be an oasis of peace for you. When we create “sacred spaces” in our life — whether they be actual places we go to, or just time “set apart” to commune with God — we find that His presence will begin to permeate our life in ways we might not have imagined. Having the habit of going to God at certain special times can make it easier to let him in even while we are rushing around — throwing up a quick prayer for grace when the kids are screaming, feeling His Presence in the middle of rush hour, giving a quick “thank you” for an unexpected little blessing (like that nice person letting you pull out at a busy intersection!) The more we pray, the more our whole life becomes a “sacred space” and the more we feel God is our companion throughout the day.

Below are some resources for you to create a sacred space with God — whether just this once or every day.

Don’t feel guilty or unworthy if you can only rarely find your way here — it’s still worth it. I have provided a description of each prayer resource beneath its picture (which can be clicked on to continue to the site.) is an online prayer community run by the Irish Jesuits.

It exists to provide people around the world with a place for simple daily prayer and reflection … whether to slow down at the end of the day or to prepare for a new one. Their simple reminder is, “When you pray, you are not alone. You are part of a global community.” No expertise required – this is simple, guided daily prayer and reflection and all you need to do is follow the on-screen prompts. Take as much or little time as you need. Click the image to enter the site. Sacred Space is offered in many languages, including Spanish.


Other6 is an online community that shares prayers of need and of thanksgiving.

This site was created to give people a place to share their need for prayer with other praying people around the world. Create a no-charge account, and share as many prayer needs or prayers of thanksgiving as you need to. You can also browse other peoples’ posts and pray for them, or post an encouraging reply to them. Prayers range from “I’m lonely” to “Thank God that my son’s surgery went well.” is a simple podcast that you can load onto your MP3 player and use anywhere, anytime.

Think you have to be in church or at home to pray? Think you have to find time when you’re not rushing from one place to another or waiting in line running errands? Think again. Pray As You Go exists to help people whose only free time is on-the-go: in the car, on the bus, walking, waiting. If you can listen to music, you can pray on-the-go — try it! Find your sacred space in the middle of the most hectic part of the day, and leave people wondering where your inner peace comes from. Or just let them in on your little secret, too 🙂 is a Catholic website that provides free, guided Scripture-filled prayer called “Liturgy of the Hours”.

This site conveniently provides both text and audio for beginners just learning the Liturgy of the Hours, or for anyone who doesn’t want to pray it “alone”. What’s the Liturgy of the Hours, you ask? This is a rich, rhythmic, ancient form of prayer that is most commonly practiced now in monasteries, but used to be commonly used by “regular” people as well. The idea behind the Liturgy of the Hours is that there is a prayer time set aside for every part of the day, from early morning to right before bed. Each of these times is called an “office”. The upshot is that, since there are so many offices every day, if you miss one you can always catch the next one! You can pray it anywhere from every hour to once a week, so if you’re hungry to try something new, try it out! It is richly rewarding, and you will find that it fills your mind with Scripture, a very nice way to start (or end) the day! Once you’ve learned, see if you can find friends or family that would like to learn to pray it with you!