Hospitality & Pastoral Care

Hospitality: Home is not just the place we live. It’s a feeling we get when we walk into somewhere familiar, safe, and friendly. When you walk into a church, it should give you that feeling. At St. Nicholas, we work to provide an environment where people of all ages are welcomed, invited, and integrated into God’s family.

Pastoral Care: We all have times in our lives when we need to know God is there. At St. Nicholas, we hope to provide every member with pastoral care so they may experience healing, peace, and God’s love. While this is done by the priest, we are all called to provide such care for one another. The Pastoral Care Committee has provided support, meals, visits, prayer blankets, phone calls and notes. They have been Jesus’ arms, reminding us that God is always there in the midst of all that life brings us. Here are a few ways we respond to pastoral needs:

  • Cards and notes to those who are sick
  • Meals for families who are experiencing a crisis or those who are having a life event like childbirth
  • Prayer blankets for those who need a tangible reminder of God’s enveloping love
  • Prayer Bears for all parishioners to take out to a community in need
  • Check-in calls
  • Lay Eucharistic Visitors who take home communion out to those who are unable to make it to church

Anyone on the committee can receive requests, but mostly they come through our priest. He will ask you if there’s anything specific you need and if he can have your permission to share with the committee. The committee knows not to share any information about you unless they’ve gotten your permission as well. Confidentiality is key, so if you have something that is for the priest’s ears only, please make sure he knows that. If it’s not confidential, he will pass it along to the committee and they will take care of the rest. You will also go on the prayer list that we read every Sunday (first name only).