Participating in Worship

The priest isn’t the only person who does things in worship. We are all invited to participate whether we are readers, acolytes, ushers, or regular ol’ pew sitters. Anyone is welcome to join these merry bands of worship leaders, just let us know what you’d like to do!

Lay Eucharistic Ministers are lay people who bear the chalice during communion, assist the priest at the altar, and read the lessons. By diocesan canon, they must be at least 16 years old to serve. They are licensed by the diocese and must undergo training. These people may also be trained to take communion to people who cannot come to a service. Contact Sue Halmrast at

Readers are the people who read the First and Second Lesson and also lead the Psalm. Right now, the Lay Eucharistic Ministers serve as the readers, but anyone of any age may be a reader, and we’ll be opening up this ministry to all people soon in order to get more people involved in our worship service. Contact Chris Butzon at

Acolytes are typically young people who assist in bringing in the cross, carrying the torches & Gospel book, and help serve the priest at the altar. We have multiple trainings for our acolytes. This is a great way for young people to learn about liturgy, reverence, and serving God. Contact Marci Horne at

Ushers are people who guide people for communion, count the number of attendees, assist people with seating, give our worship bulletins, and make sure the pews are cleaned up after the service. Contact Bob Hamilton at

Greeters are people who welcome all people into our church. They usually stand at the door, say hello, and invite people to worship. They may also help with getting newcomer’s information so that we may follow up with them afterward. Contact Bob Hamilton at

Altar Guild are “behind the scenes” people who set up the bread, wine, altar hangings, and so on. They learn a lot about liturgy and handle the very important and delicate elements of our worship. They are responsible for enhancing our worship in ways that most people don’t recognize. Contact Rose Brent at

Flower Guild are responsible for the beautiful arrangements on the altar. They arrange the flowers, usually matching the Church Season, and remind us of God’s natural beauty through Creation. Contact Bert Tomlin at

Musicians are talented people who use their musical gifts to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. They may play any instrument–piano, organ, horns, drums, stringed instruments, wind instruments–anything they play well that will enhance our worship experience. Contact Wyatt Poe at

The Choir is a group of people who bring their singing voices together in harmony to encourage congregational singing. We currently have choir on a seasonal basis. Contact Wyatt Poe at

If you’d like to participate in any of these roles, please contact us at