Electronic Check Request

Finally, an electronic check request form! Please follow ALL these steps carefully:


General Instructions

1. Download the form here.

2. Enter an “X” by either “Check Request” or “Spending or Purchase Authorization”.

3. Type in the information in all relevant fields, according to the Specific Instructions below. Leave the Administrative fields blank (see red list).

4. Scan any receipts or invoices that accompany your request. We cannot process check requests unless we have this documentation!

5. Save your edited version of the form.

6. Email the completed form and all receipts or invoices as attachments to contact@stnicholashamilton.org. Please do not send the form as a PDF, as the Administrative Assistant still needs to fill out additional information.


Specific Instructions:

1) Unless you are a Vestry Member or the Administrative Assistant, you should not fill out the following fields:

  • Serial No.
  • Responsible Vestry Member
  • Expense Accounts to be Charged

2) For a Check Request, ALL of the following fields should be completed:

  • Payee Name
  • Address
  • Check Amount
  • Item or Reason
  • Requested by
  • Date

3) For a Spending or Purchase Authorization, ALL of the following fields should be completed:

  • Estimated total Cost
  • Item or Reason
  • Date
  • Requested by

Thanks! Enjoy your new-found efficiency! 🙂