We welcome you to St. Nicholas Episcopal Church! Finding a church home is no small feat these days, even though the options are plenty! You probably have a lot of questions, and so we hope to make entry into St. Nicholas as easy as possible.

First, we would love to get to know you better. Please fill out the contact form below. The next step would be to visit us on Sunday mornings. Service times can be found here. Or, you can schedule an appointment with Fr. Jeff, who would love to meet you over a meal or coffee, or for a tour of the church, whenever your schedule permits. If you have any other questions about St. Nicholas, you can find a lot of information on this website, so take a look around.

Our hope and expectation is that St. Nicholas will become your home church, so you may want to know some basics about becoming a full member of the Episcopal Church.

You can become an Episcopalian:

  • THROUGH BAPTISM: The Episcopal Church considers that anyone who has been baptized with water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in any church or denomination, is welcomed as a baptized member of the Episcopal Church. Children as well as adults may be baptized. If you’d like to be baptized, please see Fr. Jeff.
  • THROUGH TRANSFER: Those who have already been baptized may become members by transferring from another church or denomination. This is usually accomplished by a letter of transfer. You may contact your former church and request that your letter be transferred to St. Nicholas.
  • THROUGH CONFIRMATION: Adult baptized members become confirmed members through the Sacrament of Confirmation, which involves prayers and the laying on of hands by an Episcopal Bishop. To be confirmed at St. Nicholas, we ask that you attend 9 out of 12 of our monthly Episcopal 101 classes. If you cannot attend them, you can make arrangements with Fr. Jeff to schedule other classes.
  • THROUGH BEING RECEIVED: Those who have been confirmed in another denomination may become a Confirmed Communicant of the Episcopal Church by Reception. The requirements for this are the same as one being confirmed.

At St. Nicholas, we are in the process of developing a refined system of inclusion for newcomers to the parish. Here is some basic information about how to become a member of St. Nicholas:

  • Come to worship regularly. What does “regularly” mean? Not to split hairs, but if you come once every other month or so, you’re probably not “regular.” Setting aside time to worship weekly is ideal, and only you can know for sure if you feel like a “regular” member or not.
  • Participate in the programs of the parish. There is so much that St. Nicholas offers in order exercise all the muscles of faith. Join a class, get involved in an outreach program, sign up for a parish event. All of these are ways that you can begin to build relationships with the wonderful people of St. Nicholas, and we can build relationships with you!
  • Give generously and regularly. Our two greatest resources are our time and our money. Both of these things have been given to us by God, and as such, we give that time and money back to God. You can give your time by participating in programs and worship, but we hope you will give the financial gifts God has given you by pledging to St. Nicholas. You can do so by giving in worship in the offering plates or by filling out a pledge card and making a weekly, monthly, or annual gift to the parish. The biblical principle of giving our first fruits of 10% (called tithing) is the standard. This is a spiritual discipline, and one that requires great prayer and consideration. If you would like to learn more, see Fr. Jeff.

A Visitor to St. Nicholas is:

  • A person who is visiting and getting to know us.
  • A person who is interested in St. Nicholas, but not a member.

A Friend of St. Nicholas is:

  • A person who is regular in attendance
  • A person who is a participant in the programs of the parish
  • A person who gives systematically through a recorded pledge or gift
  • A person for whatever reason has not transferred their membership, or not been baptized, confirmed, or received in the Episcopal Church.

A Member of St. Nicholas is:

  • A baptized Christian
  • One who looks at St. Nicholas as his/her parish
  • A person regular in attendance.
  • A participant in the programs of the parish
  • A person who gives systematically through a recorded gift or pledge.

A Communicant of St. Nicholas is:

  • A member of the parish (see above)
  • A confirmed Episcopalian whose letter of transfer is at St. Nicholas